Why did I write The Diocese Dilemma – I mean…really?

I recently released a novel called The Diocese Dilemma, and it is a pretty far departure from the other things I have written. Why would I do such a thing?

And more importantly why would I turn a Catholic Priest into a Serial Killer?

Well, that is not that easy to answer but I will give it a try.

I grew up in the Catholic Church, I consider myself a spiritual person, I believe in God, but I think dogmatic religion is a challenge, at least for me. If it works for you, please, don’t think I am trying to talk you out of it.

In order for me to really work through some issues I have with people who exercise religion in a more hypocritical way are pretty deep.

I have personally been told by a Christian that if I drink alcohol I am going to Hell?

Ok, so Christ isn’t in Heaven because didn’t he turn water into wine?

I have seen people who profess to be deeply rooted Catholics (and other religions) repeatedly be unfaithful to their spouse. The swore before God to forsake all others?

I see these Scriptures that say one thing and people who love to quote them do another.

It made me question things. And if people can so routinely misinterpret and pervert Scripture to justify their own actions, and I can notice it, surely clergymembers see it.

What happens if a Priest, who sits in the Confessional and listens to people confess their sins over and over gets just fed up with the hypocrisy and says you know what…some of these people are beyond absolution.

Eye for and Eye, right?

Make the punishment fit the crime?

Priests are supposed to be the sword and shield of God according to Scripture.

Can a Priest get so frustrated that he takes the worst sinners, pulls them out of the confessional and goes Old Testament justice and takes that Eye for and Eye a bit further than he should (kind of hypocritically).

And given all of the cover ups the Church has done over the years (and many religions have done) could and more importantly would the Church cover it up? What if the Church leadership agreed with his actions?

This book helped me really understand and see that these things (Scripture) are very often quoted by people who rarely think about the words, they just use them in a way to get you to do what they want, make themselves feel better, or justify some action.

While violating the crap out of other Scriptures (and Commandments).

I do think that this sort of thing could happen. Mind you I have no evidence that it has, but I do know that the Catholic Church (during the Inquisition) did kill a bunch of “sinners”

Would that happen again?

Could they get away with it?

Would they cover it up?

I dunno, you be the judge, and I can tell you right now I am not sorry about what Father Santini did to that person who was selling access to very young underaged women for purely perverted (and rough) pleasure of powerful people.

That guy had it coming.

Donald Westlake a Dortmunder Novel Drowned Hopes – Limited

If you follow along with me at all you know I have a book collection that probably needs its own house at this point. Ok, it isn’t that bad, but it does take up a lot of space.

This book is by a known, but not super well known author named Donald Westlake (who has passed away).  Dortmunder was a character in 14 of Donald Westlake’s novels and I think 10 or 11 short stories.

Dortmunder himself is a burglar. Or as he puts it he finds things. Ok, they are in your house at the time, but he was there last?

Like all of Westlake’s work they tend to be funny in some fashion. One of the Dortmunder books became a movie with the same name as the book called What’s the Worst that Could Happen?  The movie starred Danny DeVito and Martin Lawrence. In my opinion…hilarious. Watch it if you can, but better yet read the book.

This book is about John Dortmunder hearing about a buried fortune. Unfortunately it happens to be beneath a reservoir and he doesn’t want to drown. So he goes about trying to collect it in a rather…unique way.

The copy of this book in my collection is the slip cased limited print of 100 copies by Mysterious Press (autographed). I don’t have too many of this sort of thing in my collection, but I found this one relatively inexpensively a while back, and it does hold a position of pride on my shelf.


Conan by Robert E Howard

The Conan series of books is one that has been seen in an enormous number of formats from comics to novels to short stories to movies starring Ahhhhnold.

What makes them so popular? They are fast-paced and suck you in. They are blunt, brutal, and its like the reading equivalent of getting punched in the face, it happens fast. It is very much one for someone that doesn’t want to have to pick through the politics of a George RR Martin book or keep track of what esoteric little hint of a thing someone said somewhere 150 pages ago.

According to the author it depicts Barbarism at its finest. And according to him barbarism is a natural state of mankind, it is civilization that is unnatural. Civilization is a whim of circumstance, and barbarism will always triumph.

While I don’t agree with that statement, it does come through in his writing. If you want to see civilization torn to pieces, this is a series of books for you.

I think there are 12 books in the original series, but like the more modern-day publications DragonLance there are many beyond the originals. I think there are 83 books in the series now. If you enjoy them, you certainly won’t run out anytime soon.

It is one for the fantasy lover out there. Even those who are not into Tolkein level fantasy may enjoy this series. The upside is they don’t tend to be very long, grab the first book in the series and see what you think for yourself!

I have a number of them that once belonged to my father that are from the old Ace Books printings. If you have time to read one you can probably do it across a single weekend. Great entertainment awaits!