Politicians encouraging lawbreaking? Yes…it happens

Just when I think the world of politics can’t get any weirder, I am proven wrong time and time again. First, we have a Presidential election that, let’s be nice, and say was pretty ugly. It pushed the country apart in ways I didn’t expect. Now we have a sitting member of Congress cheering for, […]


Leave the AR-15 alone it didn’t pick on you

The second amendment to the Constitution is one of those areas that divides Americans into a wide range of opinions. At the two extremes we have those who believe the Amendment should be repealed and all weapons of the firearm variety (beyond muskets) should be confiscated (or bought back) to the other extreme we have […]

80s pop culture warned us about modern day politics! The hairspray stopped us from paying attention…

The older I get the more I look back at history to see if we have either improved as a society or been stuck in the mud. The more I look at the way our political world, otherwise known as governing bodies and elected officials, the more convinced I am than ever we have only […]