What Books Does a Writer Have At Home? Asked and answered!

Ok, some people asked what books I have.

This is the list. There are a few boxes I still need to add to this, but they are mostly science fiction (Ring of Fire) and a few the kids left around I won’t get rid of.


Author Last Name Author First Name Title Publication Date Notes
Aaronson Alex Advance to Contact: 1980 2002 First Edition Autographed
Adams Douglas The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 1979 First Edition
Adams Douglas The Restaurant at the End of the Universe 1980 First Edition
Adams Douglas Life, The Universe and Everything 1982 First Edition
Adams Douglas So Long, And Thanks for All The Fish 1984 First Edition
Adams Douglas Mostly Harmless 1992 First Edition
Aldrin Buzz The Return 2000 First Edition Autographed
Altman John A Gathering of Spies 2000 First Edition
Anderson Poul Brain Wave 1954 Paperback
Anderson Poul The High Crusade 1960 Paperback
Anderson Poul World Without Stars 1967 Paperback
Andrews Andy How to Kill 11 Million People 2011 Hard Cover
Anthony Piers Total Recall 1989 Hard Cover First Edition
Asimov Isaac Murder at the ABA 1976 First Edition
Asimov Isaac Foundation’s Edge 1982 First Edition
Asimov Isaac The Robots of Dawn 1983 First Edition
Asimov Isaac Robtos and Empire 1985 First Edition
Asimov Isaac Foundation and Earth 1986 First Edition
Asimov Isaac Prelude to Foundation 1988 Paperback
Asimov Isaac Nemesis 1989 First Edition
Asprin Robert Book 1 Another Fine Myth 1978 Paperback
Asprin Robert Book 2 Myth Conceptions 1980 Paperback
Asprin Robert Book 3 Myth Directions 1982 Paperback
Asprin Robert Book 4 Hit or Myth 1983 Paperback
Asprin Robert Book 5 Myth-Ing Persons 1984 Paperback
Asprin Robert Book 6 Little Myth Marker 1985 Paperback
Asprin Robert Book 7 M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link 1986 Paperback
Asprin Robert Book 8 Myth Nomers and Im Pervections 1987 Paperback
Asprin Robert Book 9 M.Y.T.H. Inc. In Action 1990 Paperback
Asprin Robert Book 11 MYTH-Ion Improbable 2001 Paperback
Aspirin Robert Book 14 Myth-taken Identity 2005 Paperback
Austen Jane Three Complete Novels 1997 Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma
Aveni Anthony Stairway to the Stars: Skywatching in Three Great Ancient Cultures 1997 Hard Cover
Bachman Ricahrd The Regulators 1996 First Edition
Bachman Ricahrd Blaze 2007 First Edition
Baldacci David Absolute Power 1996 First Edition
Baldacci David Total Control 1997 First Edition
Baldacci David The Winner 1997 First Edition
Baldacci David Simple Truth 1998 First Edition
Baldacci David Saving Faith 1999 First Edition
Baldacci David Split Second 2003 First Edition
Baldacci David Hour Game 2004 First Edition
Baldacci David Camel Club 2005 First Edition
Baldacci David The Collectors 2006 First Edition Autographed
Baldacci David Stone Cold 2007 First Edition
Baldacci David Devine Justice 2008 First Edition
Baldacci David The Whole Truth 2008 First Edition
Baldacci David First Family 2009 First Edition
Baldacci David True Blue 2009 First Edition
Baldacci David Hell’s Corner 2010 First Edition
Baldacci David Zero Day 2011 First Edition Autographed
Baldacci David Memory Man 2015 First Edition
Bar-Zohar Michael The Third Truth 1973 Paperback
Barker Clive The Books of Blood 1984 Hard Cover, First Edition
Barker Clive The Great and Secret Show 1989 First Edition
Barker Clive Imajica 1991 First Edition
Barker Clive Everville 1994 First Edition
Barker Clive Sacrament 1996 First Edition
Barker Clive Gailiee 1998 First Edition Autographed
Barry Dave Big Trouble 1990 First Edition
Barry Dave Tricky Business 2002 First Edition
Barry Dave Lunatics 2012 First Edition Coauthored with Alen Zweibel
Baxter Stephen Titan 1997 First Edition
Beam Piper H. Uller Uprising 1952 80s Paperback printing
Beck Glenn The Eye of Moloch 2013 First Edition
Berendt John Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 1994 Hard Cover
Berenson Alex The Counterfeit Agent 2014 First Edition
Biggle Lloyd The Fury Out of Time 1965 Paperback
Bond Larry Angest of Wrath – First Team 2006 First Edition Coauthored with Jim DeFilice
Brooks Terry Magic Kingdom For Sale: Sold 1986 First Edition
Brown Dale Silver Tower 1988 First Edition
Brown Dale Strike Force 2007 First Edition
Brodkey Harold The Runaway Soul 1991 First Edition
Brown Dan Angels & Demons 2000 Hard Cover
Brown Dan The Lost Symbol 2009 First Edition
Brown Ryk Aurora CV – 01 2014 Paperback
Burkett Larry The Thor Conspiracy 1995 Hard Cover, First Edition, Autographed
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 1 – The Adventures of Lord Greystoke 1912 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Mars 3 The Warlord of Mars 1913 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 2 – The Return of Tarzan 1913 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 3 – The Beasts of Tarzan 1914 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 4 – The Son of Tarzan 1915 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 5 – Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar 1916 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 6 – Jungle Tales 1916 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 7 – Tarzan The Untamed 1919 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 8 – Tarzan The Terrible 1921 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 9 – Tazan and the Golden Lion 1922 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 10 – Tarzan and the Ant Men 1924 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 11 – Tarzan – Lord of the Jungle 1927 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Mars 6 The Master Mind of Mars 1927 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 12 – Tarzan and the Lost Empire 1928 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 13 – Tarzan at Earth’s Core 1929 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 14 – Tarzan The Invicible 1930 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 15 – Tarzan and the City of Gold 1932 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 15 – Tarzan Triumphant 1932 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 16 – Tarzan and the Lion Man 1933 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 18 – Tarzan and the Leopard Man 1935 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 19 – Tarzan’s Quest 1935 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 20 – Tarzan and the Forbidden City 1935 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 21 – Tarzan the Magnificent 1936 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 22 – Tarzan and the Foreign Legion 1936 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 23 – Tarzan and the Madman 1937 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Tarzan 24 – Tarzan and the Castaways 1937 Paperback
Burroughs Edgar Rice Llana of Gathol 1948 Paperback
Caldwell Ian The Rule of Four 2004 Coauthored with Dustin Thomaon
Cameron Eleanor The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet 1954 Autographed Early Printing
Cartmill Cleve The Space Scavengers 1975 Paperback
Cherryh C.J. Merovigen Nights Angel With The Sword 1985 Paperback
Child Lee Without Fail 2002 First Edition Autographed
Child Lee Persuader 2003 First Edition
Child Lee The Enemy 2004 First Edition
Child Lee One Shot 2005 First Edition
Child Lee The Hard Way 2006 First Edition
Child Lee Bad Luck and Trouble 2007 First Edition
Child Lee Nothing to Lose 2008 First Edition
Child Lee Gone Tomorrow 2009 First Edition
Child Lee 61 Hours 2010 First Edition
Child Lee Worth Dying For 2010 First Edition
Child Lee The Affair 2011 First Edition
Child Lee A Wanted Man 2012 First Edition
Child Lee Never Go Back 2013 First Edition
Child Lee Personal 2014 First Edition
Child Lee Make Me 2015 First Edition
Child Lee Night School 2016 First Edition Autographed
Child Lee No Middle Name 2017 First Edition of Compilation of Short Stories
Child Lee The Midnight Line 2017 First Edition
Child Lee Past Tense 2018 First Edition
Child Lee Blue Moon 2019 First Edition
Child Lee Better Off Dead 2021 First Edition with Andrew Child
Child Lee No Plan B 2022 First Edition with Andrew Child
Christie Agatha Giant’s Bread 1930 Paperback
Clancy Tom Red Storm Rising 1986 First Edition
Clancy Tom Patriot Games 1987 First Edition
Clancy Tom The Cardinal of the Kremlin 1988 First Edition
Clancy Tom Clear and Present Danger 1989 Autographed First Edition
Clancy Tom The Sum of All Fears 1991 First Edition
Clancy Tom Without Remorse 1993 First Edition
Clancy Tom Debt of Honor 1994 First Edition
Clancy Tom Executive Orders 1996 First Edition
Clancy Tom Rainbow Six 1998 First Edition
Clancy Tom The Bear and the Dragon 2000 First Edition
Clancy Tom Red Rabbit 2002 First Edition
Clancy Tom The Teeth of the Tiger 2003 First Edition
Clancy Tom Dead or Alive 2010 First Edition
Clancy Tom Against All Enemies 2011 First Edition
Clancy Tom Locked On 2011 First Edition with Mark Greaney
Clancy Tom Threat Vector 2012 First Edition with Mark Greaney
Clancy Tom Command Authority 2013 First Edition with Mark Greaney
Clancy Tom Full Force and Effect 2014 First Edition really by Mark Greaney
Clancy Tom Commander in Chief 2015 First Edition really by Mark Greaney
Clancy Tom Code of Honor 2019 First Edition really by Mac Cameron
Clancy Tom Red Winter 2022 First Edition really by Mac Cameron
Clarke Arthur C. Rama Revealed 1994 First Edition
Cline Ernest Ready Player One 2011 Paperback
Cline Ernest Ready Player Two 2020 First Edition
Coben Harlan There Will Be No Second Chance 2003 First Edition
Coben Harlan Missing You 2014 First Edition
Collins Hunt Tomorrow and Tomorrow 1956 Pyramid Books
Collins Suzanne Gregor The Overlander 2003 Paperback
Collins Suzanne Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane 2004 Paperback
Collins Suzanne Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods 2005 Paperback
Collins Suzanne Gregor and the Marks of Secret 2006 Paperback
Collins Suzanne Gregor and the Code of Claw 2007 Paperback
Collins Suzanne Hunger Games 2008 Paperback
Collins Suzanne Catching Fire 2009 First Edition
Collins Suzanne MockingJay 2010 First Edition
Collins Suzanne The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes 2020 First Edition
Conklin Groff 13 Great Stories of Science Fiction 1960 Paperback
Conway Gerard F. The Midnight Dancers 1971 ACE Paperback
Cook Robin Mutation 1989 First Edition
Cook Robin Terminal 1993 First Edition
Cook Robin Chromosome 6 1997 First Edition
Cook Robin Toxin 1998 First Edition
Cook Robin Crisis 2006 First Edition Autographed
Coonts Stephen Final Flight 1988 First Edition
Correy Lee Manna 1983 Paperback, pseydonym for G. Harry Stine
Costello John The Pacific War 1941-1945 1981 Book Club Edition
Crichton Michael Sphere 1987 First Edition
Crichton Michael Disclosure 1993 First Edition
Crichton Michael The Lost World 1995 First Trade Edition
Crichton Michael Prey 2002 First Edition
Crichton Michael Next 2006 First Edition
Cussler Clive Treasure 1988 First Edition
Dann Jack Future War 1999 Collection of short stories by various authors
del Rey Lester Day of the Giants 1959 Paperback
Dickson Carter She Died A Lady 1943 Paperback
Dickson Gordon R. The Outposter 1976 Manor Books Paperback
Donaldson Stephen R. The Gap Into Conflict The Real Story 1991 First Edition
Edwards Kim The Memory Keeper’s Daughter 2006 Paperback
Ellroy James The Black Dahlia 1987 Paperback
Flynn Vince Protect and Defend 2007 First Edition
Flynn Vince Pursuit of Honor 2009 First Edition
Follet Ken A Place Called Freedom 1995 Autographed First Edition
Fox James Killer on Campus 1996 Paperback, Coauthored with Jack Levin
Gardner James Alan Radiant Hard Cover
Geston Mark S. Out of the Mouth of the Dragon. 1969 Paperback
Goldstein Lisa The Red Magician 1982 Paperback
Goonan Kathleen Ann The Bones of Time 1996 First Edition
Griffin W.E.B. Special Ops 2001 First Edition
Griffin W.E.B. Black Ops 2009 First Edition
Grimm Brothers Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales Hard Cover
Grisham John The Client 1993 First Edition
Grisham John The King of Torts 2003 Paperback
Gygax Gary Role-Playing Mastery 1987 Paperback
Harris Charlaine Dead Until Dark 2001 Paperback
Harris Thomas Black Sunday 1975 First Edition
Harris Thomas Red Dragon 1981 First Edition
Harris Thomas Silence of the Lambs 1988 First Edition
Harris Thomas Hannibal 1999 First Edition
Harris Thomas Hannibal Rising 2006 First Edition
Harris Thomas Cari Mora 2019 First Edition
Hayes Ralph Last View of Eden 1981 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Revolt in 2100 1939 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Rocket Ship Galileo 1947 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Red Planet 1949 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A The Day After Tomorrow 1949 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Farmer in the Sky 1950 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A The Puppet Masters 1951 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Assignment in Eternity 1953 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A The Star Beast 1954 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Tunnel in the Sky 1955 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Time for the Stars 1956 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Methuselah’s Children 1958 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Starship Troopers 1959 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag 1959 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Stranger in a Strange Land 1961 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Glory Road 1963 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Farnham’s Freehold 1965 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A The Moon is a Harsh Mistress 1966 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Time Enough For Love 1973 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A The Number of the Beast 1980 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A Friday 1982 Paperback
Heinlein Robert A To Sail Beyond The Sunset 1987 Paperback
Herbert Frank Chapterhouse: Dune 1985 First Edition
Hill Joe Strange Weather 2017 First Edition Autographed
Hogan James P. Endgame Enigma 1987 First Edition Autographed
Hornby Nick High Fidelity 1995 First Edition
Hornby Nick Slam 2007 First Edition
Hornby Nick How to Be Good 2001 First Edition
Hornby Nick A Long Way Down 2005 First Edition
Horowitz Anthony Trigger Mortis 2015 Hard Cover
Hosseini Khaled The Kite Runner 2003 Paperback
Howard Robert E. Marchers of Valhalla 1978 Paperback
Hoyle Fred October The First is Too Late 1966 Paperback
Hoyle Trevor The Last Gasp 1983 First Edition
Hughes Zach Mother Load 1991 Paperback
Hugo Victor Les Miserables 1999 Paperback
Huntley Tim One On Me 1980 Paperback
King Deanna Twist of Fate 2019 Paperback, Autographed
King Stephen Firestarter 1980 First Edition
King Stephen Cujo 1981 First Edition
King Stephen Different Seasons 1982 First Edition
King Stephen Christine 1983 First Edition
King Stephen The Bachman Books 1985 Hard Cover
King Stephen Skeleton Crew 1985 First Edition
King Stephen It 1986 First Edition
King Stephen The Tommyknockers 1987 First Edition
King Stephen Bare Bones – Conversations on Terror with Stephen King 1988 First Edition edited by Tim Underwood and Chuck Miller
King Stephen The Dark Half 1989 First Edition
King Stephen Four Past Midnight 1990 First Edition
King Stephen Nightmare & Dreamscapes 1993 First Edition
King Stephen Dolores Claiborne 1993 First Edition
King Stephen Insomnia 1994 First Edition
King Stephen Desperation 1996 First Edition
King Stephen Bag of Bones 1998 First Edition
King Stephen Hearts in Atlantis 1999 First Edition
King Stephen On Writing 2000 Paperback
King Stephen Dreamcatcher 2001 First Edition
King Stephen Everything’s Eventual – 14 Dark Tales 2002 First Edition
King Stephen From a Buick 8 2002 First Edition
King Stephen The Dark Tower IV – Song of Susannah 2004 First Trade Edition
King Stephen Cell 2006 First Edition
King Stephen Duma Key 2008 Paperback
King Stephen Under the Dome 2009 First Edition
King Stephen 11/22/63 2011 First Edition
King Stephen Doctor Sleep 2013 Paperback
King Stephen The Institute 2019 First Edition
King Stephen If It Bleeds 2020 First Edition
Knight Damon A for Anythong 1959 Paperback
Knight Kathryn Lasky Mumbo Jumbo 1991 Paperback
Koontz Dean Mr. Murder 1993 First Edition
Koontz Dean Fear Nothing 1998 First Edition
Koontz Dean From The Corner of His Eye 2000 First Edition
Koontz Dean The Whispering Room 2017 First Edition Autographed
Kostova Elizabeth The Historian 2005 First Edition
Kyle Chris American Sniper 2012 Coauthors Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice
Lafferty R.A. Past Master 1968 Paperback
Laumer Keith The Monitors 1966 Berkley Paperback
Laumer Keith It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Galaxy 1968 Paperback
Laumer Keith Star Colony 1981 First Edition
McPhee Michele R. Mystic River 2001 Paperback
McPhee Michele R. Shutter Island 2003 Paperback
Levie Rex Dean The Insect Warriors 1965 Paperback
Lovecraft H.P. The Shadow over Innsmouth and Other Stories of Horror 1971 Paperback
Lovecraft H.P. Complete Works of HP Lovecraft 2016 Hard Cover
Ludlum Robert The Scarlatti Inheritance 1971 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Rhinemann Exchange 1974 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Chancellor Manuscript 1977 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Matarese Circle 1979 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Bourne Identity 1980 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Parsifal Mosaic 1982 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Aquitaine Progression 1984 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Icarus Agenda 1987 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Bourne Ultimatum 1990 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Apocalypse Watch 1995 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Matarese Countdown 1997 First Edition
Ludlum Robert Ambler Warning 2005 First Edition
Ludlum Robert The Bancroft Strategy 2006 First Edition
Lumley Brian Necroscope: The Lost Years 1995 Paperback
Lumley Brian Necroscope: Resurgence 1996 Paperback
Maguire Gregory Wicked 1995 Paperback
Marcinko Richard Rogue Warrior 1992 First Edition Coauthored with John Weisman
Marcinko Richard Rogue Warrior: Red Cell 1994 First Edition Coauthored with John Weisman
Marcinko Richard Rogue Warrior: Green Team 1995 First Edition Coauthored with John Weisman
Marcinko Richard Rogue Warrior: Task Force Blue 1996 First Edition Coauthored with John Weisman
Marcinko Richard Destination Gold 1997 First Edition Coauthored with John Weisman
Marcinko Richard Rogie Warrior: Option Delta 1999 First Edition Coauthored with John Weisman
Marcinko Richard Rogue Warrior: Echo Platoon 2000 Autographed First Edition Coauthored with John Weisman
Marcinko Richard Rogue Warrior: Curse of the Infidel 2015 First Edition
Martini George R.R. Fire & Blood 2018 First Edition
Martini Steve The Rule of Nine 2010 Paperback
McCaffrety Anne The Dolphins of Pern 1997 First Edition
McClure Rusty Cincinnatus: The Secret Plot to Save America 2009 Coauthored with David Stern
Meltzer Brad The Book of Fate 2007 Paperback
Morgan Richard K. Altered Carbon 2002 Paperback
Moorcock Michael The Knight of the Swords 1971 Paperback
Moore C.L. Doomsday Morning 1957 Paperback
Moore Christopher A Dirty Job 2006
Moore Christopher Fool 2009 First Edition
Moore Christopher The Serpent of Venice 2014 First Edition
Moore Christopher Noir 2018 First Edition Autographed
Morrell David First Blood 1972 Signed First Edition Very Rare
Morrell David The Fifth Profession 1990 First Edition
Morrell David The Covenant of the Flame 1991 First Edition
Morrell David Desperate Measures 1994 First Edition
Morrell David Extreme Denial 1996 First Edition
Morrell David The Protector 2003 First Edition
Morrell David Scavenger 2007 First Edition
Morrell David Murder as a Fine Art 2013 First Edition
Nagorski Andrew The Nazi Hunters 2016 First Edition
Niffenegger Audrey The Time Traveler’s Wife 2003 Paperback
Niven Larry Neutron Star 1968 Paperback
Niven Larry Inferno 1976 Paperback, Coauthored with Jerry Pournelle
Niven Larry Lucifer’s Hammer 1977 First Edition, Coauthored with Jerry Pournelle
Niven Larry Oath of Fealty 1981 First Edition, Coauthored with Jerry Pournelle
Niven Larry Footfall 1985 First Edition, Paperback
Niven Larry N- Space 1990 First Edition
Niven Larry Beowulf’s Children 1995 First Edition Coauthored with Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes
Norton Andre Star Rangers 1953 FAWCETT CREST Paperback
Norton Andre The Last Planet 1953 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Star Guard 1955 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Storm Over Warlock 1960 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Star Hunter and VooDoo Planet 1961 ACE Paperback Double Novel Edition
Norton Andre The Defiant Agents 1962 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Witch World 1963 First DELL Paperback
Norton Andre Key Out Of Time 1963 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Web of the Witch World 1964 First ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Year of the Unicorn 1965 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Victory on Janus 1966 FAWCETT CREST Paperback
Norton Andre Sorceress of the Witch World 1968 Paperback
Norton Andre Dark Piper 1968 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Forerunner Foray 1973 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Here Abide Monsters 1973 DAW Paperback
Norton Andre The Jargoon Pard 1974 FAWCETT CREST Paperback
Norton Andre Iron Cage 1974 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Perilous Dreams 1976 First DAW Paperback
Norton Andre Trey of Swords 1977 ACE Paperback
Norton Andre Quag Keep 1978 First DAW Paperback
O’Connor Edwin The Last Hurrah 1956 Paperback
O’Reilly Bill Killing Kennedy 2012 Coauthored with Martin Duggard Nonfiction Paperback
Paul Read Piers Alive: The Story of Andes Survivors 1974 Nonfiction paperback
Parker K.J. The Company 2008 First Edition
Parkhurst Carolyn The Dogs of Babel 2003 Paperback
Petaja Emil Saga of Lost Earths 1966 Paperback
Petaja Emil The Path Beyond The Stars 1969 Paperback
Peters Stephen The Park is Mine 1981 Paperback
Peterson Jon Game Wizards: The Epic Battle for Dungeons and Dragons 2021 Nonfiction paperback
Pickens T. Boone The First Billion is the Hardest 2008 Autographed Paperback
Phillips Kevin American Dynasty 2004 First Edition
Plath Syvia The Bell Jar 1963 Paperback
Platt Charles Garbage World 1967
Porter David Hitler’s Secret Weapons 2010 Hard Cover
Prange Gordon W. At Dawn We Slept 1981 Hard Cover
Preston Douglas Monster of Florence 2008 Coauthored with Mario Spezi, first edition
Puzo Mario The Sicilian 1984 First Edition
Puzo Mario The Fourth K 1990 First Edition
Puzo Mario The Last Don 1996 First Edition
Rand Ayn Atlas Shrugged 1992 Paperback
Raphael Ray Founding Myths 2004
Resnick Mike Walpurgis III 1982
Resnick Mike Eros Ascending 1984
Resnick Mike Eros at Zenith 1984
Resnick Mike Eros Descending 1985
Resnick Mike Eros at Nadir 1986
Resnick Mike Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future 1986
Resnick Mike Stalking The Unicorn: A Fable of Tonight 1987 TOR Paperback
Resnick Mike Second Contact 1990
Resnick Mike Soothsayer 1991 ACE Paperback
Resnick Mike The Widowmaker 1996
Resnick Mike The Widowmaker Reborn 1997
Ressler Robert K. Whoever Fights Mosnters 1992 Paperback, Coauthored with Tom Shachtman
Rhodes Dusty Man Hunter 2002 Paperback, Autographed
Rice Anne Memnock The Devil 1995 First Edition Autographed
Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix 2003 First Edition
Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 2005 First Edition
Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Dethly Hallows 2007 First Edition
Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 2016 First Edition
Ryan Hank Phillippi Drive Time 2010 Paperback, Autographed
Savarin Julian Jay MacAllister’s Run 1995 Paperback
Scott Card Orson Lost Boys 1982 First Edition
Scott Card Orson Ender’s Game 1985 Limited Leather Bound Edition Autographed, paperback
Scott Card Orson Speaker For The Dead 1987 Paperback
Scott Card Orson Xenocide 1991 Paperback
Scott Card Orson The Memory of Earth – Homecoming Volume 1 1992 First Edition
Scott Card Orson Children of the Mind 1996 Paperback
Scott Card Orson Ender’s Shadow 1999 First Edition
Scott Card Orson Empire 2006 First Edition
Scott Card Orson Ender in Exile 2008 First Edition, paperback
Shreve Anita All He Ever Wanted 2003 First Edition
Sidhu Premeet Fifth Years of Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Collection of papers about different topics involving DnD
Snyder Louis L. Hitler and Nazism 1967 Bantam Books
Steelbaugh Larry Tank War 1989 Paperback
Stewart Chris Fury and Lights 2008 First Edition
Stine G. Harry Warbots 1988 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 2 – Operation Steel Band 1988 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 3 – The Bastaard Rebellion 1988 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 4 – Sierra Madre 1988 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 5 – Operation High Dragon 1989 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 6 – The Lost Battalion 1989 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 7 – Operation Iron Fist 1989 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 8 – Force of Arms 1990 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 9 – Blood Siege 1990 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 10 – Guts and Glory 1991 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 11 – Warrior Shield 1992 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Warbots 12 – Judgement Day 1992 Paperback
Stine G. Harry Third Encounter 1995 Paperback
Stine R.L. The Babysitter 1989 Paperback
Stine R.L. The Babysitter II 1991 Paperback
Stine R.L. Say Cheese and Die! 1992 Paperback
Stine R.L. The Babysitter III 1993 Paperback
Stine R.L. Return of the Mummy 1994 Paperback
Stine R.L. One Day at Horror Land 1994 Paperback
Stine R.L. The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena 1995 Paperback
Stine R.L. Night of the Living Dummy 2 1995 Paperback
Stine R.L. A Shocker on Shock Street 1995 Paperback
Stine R.L. Vampire Breath 1996 Paperback
Stine R.L. Please Don’t Feed the Vampire 1997 Paperback
Stine R.L. Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls 1998 Paperback
Straub Peter Shadow Land 1980 First Edition
Sturgeon Theodore E Pluribus Unicorn 1953 Paperback
Sturgeon Theodore A Touch of Strange 1958 Paperback
Sturgeon Theodore The Cosmic Rape 1958 Paperback
Sturgeon Theodore Not Without Sorcery 1961 Paperback
Sturgeon Theodore Starshine 1966 Paperback
Sweeney Cynthia S’Aprix The Nest 2016 Paperback
Tademy Lalita Cane River 2001 First Edition
Thomas Craig Firefox 1977 First Edition + 1 in paperback
Thomas Craig Winterhawk 1987 First Edition
Thomas Craig Wildcat 1989 First Edition
Thor Brad Black List 2012 Fist Edition
Tolkien J.R.R. The Hobbit 1937 Leatherbound Special Edition
Tolkien J.R.R. The Fellowship of the Ring 1954 Leatherbound Special Edition
Tolkien J.R.R. The Two Towers 1954 Leatherbound Special Edition
Tolkien J.R.R. The Return of the King 1955 Leatherbound Special Edition
Tolkien J.R.R. The Silmarillion 1977 Leatherbound Special Edition
Turner Claudia Scars and Stripes Forever 2019 Paperback
Turtledove Harry Fallout – The Hot War 2016 First Edition
Van Lustbader Eric Shan 1986 First Edition
Van Lustbader Eric The Bourne Legacy 2004 First Edition
Van Lustbader Eric The Bourne Betrayal 2007 First Edition
Van Lustbader Eric The Bourne Sanction 2008 First Edition
Van Lustbader Eric First Daughter 2008 First Edition
Van Lustbader Eric The Bourne Decption 2009 First Edition
Van Vogt A.E. The Universe Maker 1953 Paperback
Van Vogt A.E. The Mind Cage 1957 Paperback
Viertel Jack The Secret Life of the American Musical 2016 Hard Cover
Vonnegut Kurt Slaughter-House Five 1971 Paperback
Wallace Daniel Big Fish 1998 Paperback
Watt-Evans Lawrence Split Heirs 1993 First Edition Coauthored with Esther M. Friesner
Weber David Echoes of Honor 1998 First Edition
Weber David Ashes of Victory 2000 Paperback
Weber David The Armageddon Reef 2007 First Edition
Weber David Midst Toil and Tribulation 2012 First Edition
Weber David Book 1 – Manticore Ascendant – A Call to Duty 2015 Paperback, coauthored with Timothy Zahn
Weber David Book 2 – Manticore Ascendant – A Call to Arms 2015 First Edition, coauthored with Timothy Zahn and Thomas Pope
Weir Anthony Project Hail Mary 2021 First Edition
Weis Margaret Star of the Guardians Vol 1: The Lost King 1990 Paperback
Weis Margaret Mistress of Dragons 2003 First Edition
Weis Margaret Dragonships – Bones of the Dragon 2009 First Edition with Tracy Hickman
Weis Margaret Dragonships – Rage of the Dragon 2013 First Edition with Tracy Hickman
Westlake Donald Drowned Hopes 1990 Limited First, Autographed, Numbered
Westlake Donald Don’t Ask 1993 First Edition
Westlake Donald Baby, Would I Lie 1994 First Edition
Westlake Donald What’s The Worst That Could Happen 1996 First Edition
Westlake Donald The Ax 1997 First Edition
Westlake Donald Put A Lid On It 2002 First Edition
Westlake Donald Money For Nothing 2003 First Edition
Westlake Donald Get Real 2009 First Edition
Westlake Donald The Comedy Is Finished 2012 First Edition
Wilson Robert Charles Spin 2005 Paperback
Wilson Robert Charles Axis 2007 Paperback
Wilson Robert Charles Vortex 2011 Paperback
Yessayan Raffi 2 In the Hat 2010 First Edition Autographed


Analog Magazines

Year Month Notes
1971 July
1975 March
1976 April
1976 May
1976 June
1976 July
1976 August
1976 September
1976 October
1976 November
1976 December
1977 January
1977 February
1977 March
1977 April
1977 May
1977 June
1977 July
1977 August First Publication of the famous Ender’s Game
1977 September
1977 October
1977 November
1977 December
1978 January
1978 February
1978 March
1978 April
1978 September
1978 October
1978 November
1980 January
1980 August
1980 September
1980 October
1980 November
1980 March
1981 April
1981 May
1981 June
1981 July
1981 August
1981 September
1981 October
1982 Early March
1982 Late March
1982 May
1982 July
1982 August
1982 September
1982 Mid September
1982 October
1982 November
1982 December
1983 January
1983 February
1983 August
1990 March
1990 April
1991 September
1992 December
1993 February
1993 June
1994 March
1994 April
1994 July
1994 December
2017 March/April

Battlestar Galactica

Series Name Title Publication Date Notes
Original Series Battlestar Galactica 1978
Original Series Book 2: The Cylon Death Machine 1979
Original Series Book 4: The Young Warriors 1980
Original Series Book 5: Galactica Disvoers Earth 1980


Buck Rogers


Series Name Title Publication Date
Buck Rogers Arrival 1989
Buck Rogers Rebellion 2456 1989
Buck Rogers Hammer of Mars 1989
Buck Rogers Armageddon Off Vesta 1989



Series Name Title Publication Date
Conan #2 Conan of Cimmeria 1968
Conan #3 Conan The Freebooter 1968
Conan #4 Conan The Wanderer 1968
Conan #7 Conan The Warrior 1967
Conan #10 Conan The Avenger 1968
Conan #12 Conan of the Isles 1968


Series Name Title Publication Date Notes
The Darksword Trilogy Volume 1: Forging The Darksword 1987 Autographed
The Darksword Trilogy Volume 2: Doom of the Darksword 1988 Autographed
The Darksword Trilogy Volume 3: Triumph of the Darksword 1988 Autographed
The Darksword Trilogy Volume 4: Legacy of the Darksword 1997 Autographed

Death Dealer

Series Name Title Publication Date
Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer Book 1: Prisoner of the Horned Helmet 1988
Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer Book 2: Lords of Destruction 1989
Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer Book 3: Tooth and Claw 1989
Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer Book 4: Plague of Knives 1990

Death Gate Cycle

Series Name Title
Death Gate Cycle Dragon Wing
Death Gate Cycle Elven Star
Death Gate Cycle Fire Sea
Death Gate Cycle Serpent Mage
Death Gate Cycle The Hand of Chaos
Death Gate Cycle Into the Labyrinth
Death Gate Cycle The Seventh Gate


Series Name Title Publication Date
Chronicles Volume 1: Dragons of Autumn Twilight 1984
Chronicles Volume 2: Dragons of Winter Night 1985
Chronicles Volume 3: Dragons of Spring Dawning 1985
Legends Volume 1: Time of the Twins 1986
Legends Volume 2: War of the Twins 1986
Legends Volume 3: Test of the Twins 1986
Tales Volume 1: The Magic of Krynn 1987
Tales Volume 2: Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes 1987
Tales Volume 3: Love and War 1987
Heroes Volume 1: The Legend of Huma 1988
Heroes Volume 2: Stormblade 1988
Heroes Volume 3 Weasel’s Luck 1988
Preludes Volume 1: Darkness & Light 1989
Preludes Volume 2: Kendermore 1989
Preludes Volume 3: Brothers Majere 1989
Preludes II Volume 1: Riverwind the Plainsman 1990
Preludes II Volume 2: Flint the King 1990
Preludes II Volume 3: Tanis the Shadow Years 1990
Heroes II Volume 1: Kaz the Minotaur 1990
Heroes II Volume 2: The Gates of Thorbardin 1990
Heroes II Volume 3: Galen BeKnighted 1990
Elven Nations Volume 1: Firstborn 1991
Elven Nations Volume 2: The Kinslayer Wars 1991
Elven Nations Volume 3: The Qualinesti 1991
The Meetings Sextet Volume 1: Kindred Spirits 1991
The Meetings Sextet Volume 2: Wanderlust 1991
The Meetings Sextet Volume 3: Dark Heart 1992
The Meetings Sextet Volume 4: The Oath and The Measure 1992
The Meetings Sextet Volume 5: Steel and Stone 1992
The Meetings Sextet Volume 6: The Companions 1992
Tales II Volume 1: The Reign of Istar 1992
Tales II Volume 2: The Cataclysm 1992
Tales II Volume 3: The War of the Lance 1992
Dwarven Nations Volume 1: The Covenant of the Forge 1993
Dwarven Nations Volume 2: Hammer and Axe 1993
Dwarven Nations Volume 3: The Swordsheath Scroll 1993
Villains Volume 1: Before the Mask 1993
Villains Volume 2: The Black Wing 1993
Villains Volume 3: Emperor of Ansalon 1993
Villains Volume 4: Hederick the Theocrat 1994
Villains Volume 5: Lord Toede 1994
Dragons Volume 1: The Dragons of Krynn 1994
The Second Generation 1994
Defends of the Magic Volume 1: Night of the Eye 1994
Dragons of Summer Flame 1995
Lost Histories Volume 1: The Kagonesti 1995
Lost Histories Volume 2: The Irda 1995
Lost Histories Volume 3: The Dargonesti 1995
Lost Histories Volume 4: Land of the Minotaurs 1996
Dragons of a New Age Volume 1: The Dawning of a New Age 1996
Chaos Wars Volume 1: The Doom Brigade 1996
Fifth Age Volume 2: The Day of the Tempest 1997
Fifth Age Volume 3: The Eve of the Maelstrom 1998
The Raistlin Chronicles Volume 1: The Soulforge 1998
The Raistlin Chronicles Volume 2: Brothers in Arms 1999
Tales of the Fifth Age Volume 2: Heroes and Fools 1999
The Best of Tales 2000
Dhamon Saga Volume 1: Downfall 2000
Dhamon Saga Volume 2: Betrayal 2002
Dhamon Saga Volume 3: Redemption 2002
War of the Souls Volume 1: Dragons of a Fallen Sun 2000
War of the Souls Volume 2: Dragons of a Lost Star 2001
War of the Souls Volume 3: Dragons of a Vanished Moon 2003
Kang’s Regiment Volume 2: Draconian Measures 2000
Dragons From The War of Souls Volume 1: Search for Power 2004
Taladas Trilogy Volume 1: Blades of the Tiger 2005
Minotaur Wars Volume 3: Empire of Blood 2005
The Dark Desciple Volume 1: Amber and Ashes 2004
The Dark Desciple Volume 2: Amber and Iron 2006
The Dark Desciple Volume 3: Amber and Blood 2008
Destinies Volume 1: Dragons of Deceit 2022
Destinies Volume 2: Dragons of Fate 2023

Forgotten Realms

Moonshae Trilogy Darkwalked on Moonshae
Moonshae Trilogy Black Wizards
Moonshae Trilogy Darkwell
Icewind Dale Trilogy The Crystal Shard
Icewind Dale Trilogy The Halfling’s Gem
Finter’s Stone Trilogy Azure Bonds
Shadoes of the Avatar Trilogy Shadows of Doom
Avatar Trilogy Shadowdale
Avatar Trilogy Waterdeep
Dark Elf Trilogy Exile
Dark Elf Trilogy Sojourn
Maztica Trilogy ViperHand
Heroes of Phlan Pool of Radiance
Finders Stone Trilogy Song of the Aurials
The Cleric Quintet Canticle
The Cleric Quintet In Sylvan Shadows
The Cleric Quintet Night Masks
The Cleric Quintet The Fallen Fortress
The Cleric Quintet The Chaos Curse
Hunters Blade Trilogy The Thousand Orcs
The Legend of Drizzt Homeland
Transitions The Orc King
Empires Trilogy Crusade
Pools of Darkness
The Legacy
Daughter of the Drow
Threat from the Sea Riside Tide
War of the Spider Queen Dissolution
War of the Spider Queen Reslurection



Series Name Title Publication Date
Chronicles of Counter Earth Tarnsman of GOR 1967
Chronicles of Counter Earth Outlaw of GOR 1967
Chronicles of Counter Earth Preist-Kings of GOR 1968
Chronicles of Counter Earth Assassin of GOR 1970
Chronicles of Counter Earth Raiders of GOR 1971
Chronicles of Counter Earth Beasts of GOR 1978
Chronicles of Counter Earth Explorers of GOR 1979
Chronicles of Counter Earth Vagabonds of GOR 1987



Series Name Title Publication Date
Greyhawk Adventures Book 1: Saga of Old City 1985
Greyhawk Adventures Book 2: Artifact of Evil 1986
Greyhawk Adventures Book 3: Master Wolf 1987
Greyhawk Adventures Book 4: The Price of Power 1987
Greyhawk Adventures Book 5: The Demon Hand 1988
Greyhawk Adventures Book 6: The Name of the Game 1988
Greyhawk Adventures Book 7: The Eyes Have It 1989

Heroes in Hell

Series Name Title Publication Date
Hell Heroes in Hell 1986
Hell The Gates of Hell 1986
Hell Rebels in Hell 1986
Hell Kings in Hell 1987
Hell Crusaders in Hell 1987
Hell Legions in Hell 1987
Hell Angels in Hell 1987
Hell Masters in Hell 1988
Hell The Little Helliad 1988
Hell War in Hell 1988
Hell Prophets in Hell 1989
Hell Explorers in Hell 1989

Indiana Jones

Series Name Title Publication Date
Making Of Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981
Novelization of Movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984
Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants 1991
Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge 1992
Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates 1993
Indiana Jones and the White Witch 1994
Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead 2009

Movie Novelizations

Series Name Title Publication Date
Back To The Future Back To The Future III 1990
Batman Banman Forever 1995
Blue Brothers Blues Brothers 1980
Dragonslayer Dragonslayer 1981
MASH MASH Goes To Maine 1972
Superman Last Son of Krypton 1978
War Games War Games 1983


Author Last Name Author First Name Title Publication Date Notes
Asimov Isaac The Neutrino 1966 Paperback
Asimov Isaac The Solar System and Back 1970 Paperback
Asimov Isaac Quasar, Quasar, Burning Bright 1978 Hardcover
Asimov Isaac Atom – Journey Across The Subatomic Cosmos 1992 Paperback
Baggott Jim The First War of Physics 2010 Hardcover
Bartusiak Marcia The Day We Found the Universe 2009 Hardcover
Bird Kai American Promethius 2005 Paperback, CoAuthored with Martin J Sherwin
Brooks Justin Stephen King: The Primary Biography of the World’s Most Popular Author 2008 First Edition
Burnell Mark The Ryhtm Section 1999 Paperback
Bush George W. Decision Points 2010 Hardcover
Bush George W. Portraits of Courage 2017 Hardcover, First Edition, Autograph
Carroll Sean The Biggest Ideas in the Unvierse 2022 Hardcover
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Clancy Tom Submarine – A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship 1993 Paperback
Clancy Tom SSN – Strategies of Submarine Warfare 1996 Paperback
Clancy Tom Into The Storm – A Study in Command 1997 First Edition with General Fred Franks Jr
Clancy Tom Special Forces – A Guided Tour of US Army Special Forces 2001 Paperback
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Clancy Tom Battle Ready 2004 First Edition with Tony Zinni
Clarke Phil Extreme Science Hardcover
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Young Josh Expedition Deep Ocean 2020 Hard Cover, Autographed

Star Trek

Series Name Title Publication Date
Original Series Star Trek 2 1968
Original Series Star Trek 3 1969
Original Series Star Trek 4 1971
Original Series Star Trek 6: The Abode of Life 1982
Original Series Star Trek 28 Crisis on Centaurus 1986
Original Series Strange and Amazing Facts about Star Trek 1986
Original Series Strar Trek Enterprise The First Adventure 1986
Original Series Star Trek 76: The Captain’s Daughter 1995
Original Series Fotonovel Fotonovel 3 The Trouble with Tribbles 1977
Original Series Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979
Original Series Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 1982
Original Series Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 1986


Star Wars

Series Name Title Publication Date
Associated The Force of Star Wars 1977
Associated The Jedi Masters Quizbook 1982
Black Fleet Crisis Before The Storm 1996
Black Fleet Crisis Shield of Lies 1996
Black Fleet Crisis Tyrant’s Test 1996
Corellian Trilogy Ambush at Corellia 1995
Corellian Trilogy Assault at Selonia 1995
Corellian Trilogy Showdown at Centerpoint 1995
Han Solo Han Solo at Stars’ End 1979
Han Solo Trilogy The Paradise Snare 1996
Han Solo Trilogy The Hutt Gambit 1996
Han Solo Trilogy Rebel Dawn 1996
Lando Calrissian Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu 1983
Movie Novelizations Star Wars 1976
Movie Novelizations The Empire Strikes Back 1980
Movie Novelizations Return of the Jedi 1983
New Jedi Order Book 7 – Conquest 2001
New Jedi Order Book 8 – Rebirth 2001
Thrawn Heir to the Empire 1991
Thrawn Darl Force Rising 1992
Thrawn The Last Command 1993
Young Jedi Knights Heirs of the Force 1995
Young Jedi Knights The Lost Ones 1995
Young Jedi Knights Lightsabers 1996
Young Jedi Knights Darkest Knight 1996
Young Jedi Knights Jedi Under Seige 1996
Young Jedi Knights Diversity Alliance 1997
Young Jedi Knights Delusions of Grandeur 1997

Thieves’ World

Series Name Title Publication Date
Thieves’ World Book 1 – Thieves’ World 1979
Thieves’ World Book 2 – The Vulgar Unicorn 1980
Thieves’ World Book 3 – Shadows of Sanctuary 1981
Thieves’ World Book 4 – Storm Season 1982
Thieves’ World Book 5 – The Face of Chaos 1983
Thieves’ World Book 6 – Wings of Omen 1984
Thieves’ World Book 7 – The Dead of Winter 1985
Thieves’ World Book 8 – Soul of the City 1986
Thieves’ World Book 9 – Blood Ties 1986
Thieves’ World Book 10 – Aftermath 1987
Thieves’ World Book 11 – Uneasy Alliance 1988
Thieves’ World Book 12 – Stealers’ Sky 1989


Series Name Title Publication Date
V Based on the Miniseries 1984
V East Coast Crisis 1984
V The Pursuit of Diana 1984
V The Crivit Experiment 1985
V The Alien Swordmaster 1985
V Prisoners and Pawns 1985
V The Florida Project 1985
V Death Tide 1985
V The Texas Run 1985
V The Chicago Conversion 1985
V The New England Resistance 1985
V The Second Generation 2008

DragonLance Heroes – Kaz the Minotaur is it worth the read?

This is the 19th book I have read in the DragonLance universe this time through the series. I am reading these again (for some titles) and for the first time with others. It is a fun thing to do as I am progressing through with my teenage boys. My 11 year old daughter has no interest and if I push she’ll reject reading all together.

Imagine: the classic hero’s tale, but told from the perspective of the grumpy, misunderstood sidekick. No, not the plucky halfling, but the towering, labyrinth-loving Minotaur! That’s Kaz, the star (well, maybe supporting star) of Richard A. Knaak’s “Kaz the Minotaur.” Get ready for a hilarious adventure filled with snorts, snorts, and… snorts (Minotaurs snort instead of chuckle, just so you know).

Kaz roams the land, not slaying dragons, but grumbling about his vegetarian diet and trying to avoid angry townsfolk with torches. He’s haunted by the tragic death of his human best friend, Huma (yes, the legendary Huma!), leaving him with a hefty load of angst and a tendency to brood in dark corners. But fear not, for humor shines through like a ray of sunshine through a bull’s-eye window.

Picture this: Kaz, with his massive horns and intimidating stature, trying to blend in at a bustling marketplace. He trips over a basket of turnips, sending them flying like shrapnel, only to be berated by a granny with more spunk than a goblin horde. Or his encounters with Delbin, a kender (think mischievous hobbit on overdrive) who collects everything that isn’t nailed down and drives Kaz up the wall (or, more accurately, the labyrinth wall) with his constant chatter.

The plot itself is a wild ride: mistaken identities, ancient prophecies, and a bumbling attempt to clear Kaz’s name for crimes he didn’t commit (except maybe accidentally eating someone’s prize pumpkin). Throw in some sassy sorceresses, grumpy dwarves, and a talking skull named Schädel (German for “skull,” because of course!), and you have a recipe for laugh-out-loud moments that will have you snorting like a… well, like a Minotaur.

Remember, this is a fantasy novel, so expect some epic battles and daring escapes. But don’t be surprised if Kaz wins the day not with brute strength, but with a witty quip or a well-placed snort that sends his enemies scrambling in confusion. So, if you’re looking for a fantasy adventure with a healthy dose of humor and a lovable, grumpy protagonist, “Kaz the Minotaur” is your Mino-ticket to fun! Just don’t blame me if you start snorting in public. You’ve been warned.

You can find the book over on Amazon in print, kindle and audible at the link below:

Kaz the Minotaur

DragonLance Preludes II Volume 3 – Tanis the Shadow Years

This is the 18th of the DragonLance books in the order I have been reading them. Honestly, this one was probably the least favorite so far. It could have or maybe should have been a short story.

The book wraps around and meanders for 160 pages easily in bizarre directions that just don’t feel all that well thought out.

The plot is simple, the book takes place during the 5 years between the Companions making the pledge and returning to the Inn of the Last Home to kick off the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy.

In this book Tanis meets another dwarf, who claims he can introduce him to someone who knew his human father. It turns out a mage who was 1/4 elf, and 3/4 human had met him, and could give Tanis a chance to do the same if he allows Tanis to magically insert him into his memories. The deal is Tanis has to bring forward the memory love of his (the mage’s) life.

The book started out pretty good but then it was like they ran out of story and through in 150 or more pages of just filler “killer hobo” stuff if I can steal that phrase from the playing style some use while playing Dungeons and Dragons.

I finished the book, but I had to push myself to do so in places, and I will finish just about anything.

I would do a video about this one, but I think I have said it all. Out of the books I have read in the DragonLance series (now with more than 200 books) I have liked this one the least, but it won’t cause me to give up on the series.

Yes, I will read and review more DragonLance books, as I do enjoy many of them, but not this one.

DragonLance Preludes II Volume 2 – Flint The King

In Flint the King by Mary Kirchoff and Douglas Niles we follow the story of Flint as he visits his home before the Chronicles trilogy kicks off.

It was really interesting to me because we get a fairly deep dive into the dwarven culture and learn more about their love of crafting and creating things. It is really deeply rooted in who they are.

We open with Flint just enjoying alone (before he travels to his homeland) and realize that he really is aging and not as adventurous as he might have been when he was younger. He is really more the reluctant hero in many ways.

As he travels he finds that this new Seeker group who claim to be religious and offering people chances at and afterlife, claiming to believe in the “new Gods” are really just kind of bullies that take taxes or donations from people that aren’t really all that voluntary. In Flint’s mind that makes them not to be trusted. These religious zealots have none of the healing powers of the clerics of old, and business owners view them as an absolute annoyance.

As he considers traveling to his homeland we find that Flint hasn’t really been around other Dwarves for years, and as he runs into one he finds that things in the homeland aren’t what they were, that annoys him into going and checking it out.

As Flint travels we see that he really doesn’t mind traveling, what bothers him is other people. We get the impression he is really just a recluse who would rather be left along than thrust into some leadership role.

We do in this book learn why he was invited into the Elven homeland and how he met Tania, which was an interesting side bit of his character backstory. It also serves to show just how respected Flint Fireforge is around Krynn.

Once we reach his homeland we find things are much different, his brother has been murdered and the entire village is not as he left it at all. Now change happens but apparently Dwarves are too stubborn to change quickly. That leads to some great action as Flint has to figure out what the heck is really going on.

There is more discussion in the video on my YouTube channel, but all in all this book I really enjoyed. I kept looking for time to read (I may have snuck the book into a football game which annoyed my fiancé just a little). Highly recommended for any DragonLance fan!

DragonLance – Preludes II Volume One – Riverwind the Plainsman

This book is one of the better ones I have come across so far in this series. During the original trilogy Riverwind wasn’t really a super main character I mean he was there but he played kind of a supporting role. But we were left with a lot of questions.

If you are curious this is the picture of all the books we (my two sons and I) have read so far:

This book clears those up.

We kind of knew that ceremony and tradition were important to the Plainsmen? But how important?

What were the politics that really led to his quest that he was so driven to achieve?

How good of a hunter/survivor is he really.

All of that gets answered.

We also learn more about the Draconians, a race of elves we didn’t (at least I) didn’t know about. Something called the Nightrunners. Kind of these wolves led by a half man/half wolf creature by the name of Kyanor.

There is a strange guy I still have questions about called Catchflea. Still not really sure about his obsession (humorous though it is) with these three acorns.

We also aren’t really sure what of Riverwind’s memories from his quest were part of reality and what were part of an illusion that was cast upon him.

I know it sounds like the book left us with a lot of questions, and it did, but it also cleared up a lot of things.

If I had to rate it on the “should you” read it list. If you like DragonLance and fantasy reading 7 out of 10 must read. If you are deep in DragonLance 10 for 10. Well worth the time and was an actual page turner for me. (Some of the ones in the series really weren’t but this one delivers).


DragonLance Preludes Volume 3 – Brothers Majere

This book chronicles some of the time Caramon and Raistlin spent traveling as mercenaries after Raistlin took the tests at the Tower of High Sorcery and before the War of the Lance.

This is now the 15th book I have read in a row, and honestly I was a little let down. I wanted it to dive deeper into the brothers and what drives them. Maybe my expectations were too high, and I will admit to that.

It is set a few months after those famed tests that turned the skin of Raistlin’s skin and changed his eyes to see things only as they die. He is still getting used to his body being shattered and is haunted by dreams of a certain dark elf from those tests.

The brothers are traveling with a Kender which is always good for comic relief (not Tasslehoff).

The trio come upon a town that is having a problem. There are signs up asking for someone to come in and fix it. They quickly discover all the towns cats are missing, Caramon finds it funny and doesn’t care, Raistlin wants to dig into it.

Apparently there is a prophecy involve a gate and the weird missing cats.

The cats are missing because of a gate, a gate that leads to something that could let someone through into this world.

I don’t want to throw any spoilers out because I found this book more predictable than any DragonLance books before.

The Kender of course being a Kender gets into trouble, but also kind of solves the whole problem because of his natural curiosity. The entire book spends a lot of time foreshadowing things we know, which as a reader I guess is ok if you haven’t read the other DragonLance books, but if you have about 1/3 of the book was repetitious.

The one thing I did find interesting, it did start to hint at Raistlin’s thirst for power. Part of me was hoping we would learn more about what drove that, but perhaps in other books later in the series.

This book won’t stop me from reading other DragonLance books on my quest to get through all of them, and yeah I enjoyed it, but I really wanted more from it.

DragonLance Preludes Volume 2: Kendermore

I will say a few things about this book.

First, if you are going to pick apart a book for “not being cannon” or “OMG they rode it off the rails” this isn’t for you. It is a book based on Kender for goodness sake.

That out of the way, it is the most fun DragonLance book I have ever read. If you just enjoy the ride, you will love this thing.

First, as the book opens, Tasslehoff is being escorted back to his home because he violated the Kender code, I didn’t know the Kender really had a legal system so to speak, but they do.

Interestingly, it was because he ran out on a marriage vow, but he can’t really remember her name because they haven’t met?

Weird right?

Now, imagine a few things that you will come across in this book.

Imagine being the mayor of Kendermore and trying to get your citizens to pay attention during a meeting.

Try being a human seeking medical help in a Kender village.

Also, always remember, when following a Kender map, don’t believe everything you see.

Another word of advice, when taking a sailing ship, never ever leave Tasslehoff Burrfoot in charge of that process when he is assisted by Gully Dwarves. Imagine that same group trying to get a cart unstuck from the mud. Hilarity results.

Also, in this book, you will find a doctor that treats people with some “magic potion” that is closer to pure alcohol than anything magical.

I can’t say enough good things about the fun of this book. If you have not read it, and it wasn’t one of the more popular books in the DragonLance series you need to. It wasn’t high adventure, it isn’t “the legend of” it is just fun. Enjoy the hell out of it!!

DragonLance Preludes Volume 1: Darkness & Light

If you have been following along I am on a quest to read (hopefully) all of the books in the DragonLance series. Given how many there are, we shall see if I make it.

So far I have read the following books:

Dragons of Autumn Twilight Nov-84 Chronicles
Dragons of Winter Night Apr-85 Chronicles
Dragons of Spring Dawning Nov-85 Chronicles
Time of the Twins Feb-86 Legends
War of the Twins May-86 Legends
Test of the Twins Aug-86 Legends
The Magic of Krynn Mar-87 Tales I
Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes Aug-87 Tales I
Love and War Nov-87 Tales I
The Legend of Huma Mar-88 Heroes
Stormblade Aug-88 Heroes
Weasel’s Luck Dec-88 Heroes
Darkness and Light Apr-89 Preludes

Darkness & Light is the first in the Preludes trilogy. It takes place five years before the War of the Lance in the Chronicles trilogy and gives us much of the backstory we all wanted after reading those books.

This book focuses mostly on Sturm and Kitiara and their travels somewhat assisted by some Gnomes.

The Gnomes always mean well, and are super good at comic relief but they may not always get you where you want to go by the most direct route possible.

We open up with Sturm and Kitiara practicing their swordsmanship with one another. Kit is obviously the better fighter at this point. As they head out on their travels, after promising to return in 5 years (for the now famous meeting in Chronicles) things don’t go really well from the start.

They are traveling along when Sturm learns a valuable lesson. Never ever fall asleep on guard duty. Had it not been for Kit, the Sturm we all knew in Chronicles would have never made it there.

After a little fight, they get caught in a storm that interrupts their travels. They eventually meet some Gnomes that have a strange method of traveling. They have a ship, powered by lightening that happens to fly.

The only challenge is they end up losing control of the ship (go figure) and end up on Lunitari, the red moon!

I won’t go into what they find there but it does foreshadow the war to come in other books.

No shocker, they do eventually find their way back to Krynn, and at the end, we are treated to how it was that Sturm finally received his father’s armor and sword.

I really enjoyed this book, but anything with the Gnomes is always a joy for me.

DragonLance Heroes Vol 3: Weasel’s Luck

The third installment in the Heroes series of DragonLance books is called Weasel’s Luck. It is set in a time around 100 years before the Chronicles Trilogy and tells the story of Sir Bayard Brightblade.

I found this book interesting because it really dives a bit deeper into the Knights of Solamnia than we have gotten in any of the other books. It also tells a story in a time before Draconians and Raistlin, and the companions.

Like the other books in the Heroes series we got to see how things were before the war of the lance. How did we get there? Before Draconians, before Raistlin, before the giant war.

I love that it filled in some of the details we didn’t have on the Knights. It really was a great story, great fantasy novel and helped me understand more of the lore of the Knights of Solamnia and the Brightblades.

Solid read, not the best of the DragonLance books, but it did keep me and my two teenage sons turning pages.


DragonLance Heroes Volume Two: Stormblade

I have been working my way through many of the DragonLance books. The most recent is DragonLance Heroes Volume 2: Stormblade.

I enjoyed the book far more than I thought I would. It is an interesting story that gives some lore about Krynn that I didn’t know, and tells about the forging of a very special sword called Stormblade.

Stormblade is a King’s Sword. It is one of those artifacts that will be the stuff of legend, but this is its origin story.

The sword is forged, then disappears, falling into the hands of a barmaid and then there is a quest to get it back where it belongs. It is a fairly melancholy storyline but I really enjoyed reading it.

There is an irrepressible Kender that makes things funny on occasion and learning more about the Dwarves and their Kingdom makes this not only an entertaining book, but one that really helps you get much of the story of this fantasy world I didn’t know before.

Can the Stormblade be recovered from a land at war? It is a difficult task! One not for the weak of heart!