DragonLance – Preludes II Volume One – Riverwind the Plainsman

This book is one of the better ones I have come across so far in this series. During the original trilogy Riverwind wasn’t really a super main character I mean he was there but he played kind of a supporting role. But we were left with a lot of questions.

If you are curious this is the picture of all the books we (my two sons and I) have read so far:

This book clears those up.

We kind of knew that ceremony and tradition were important to the Plainsmen? But how important?

What were the politics that really led to his quest that he was so driven to achieve?

How good of a hunter/survivor is he really.

All of that gets answered.

We also learn more about the Draconians, a race of elves we didn’t (at least I) didn’t know about. Something called the Nightrunners. Kind of these wolves led by a half man/half wolf creature by the name of Kyanor.

There is a strange guy I still have questions about called Catchflea. Still not really sure about his obsession (humorous though it is) with these three acorns.

We also aren’t really sure what of Riverwind’s memories from his quest were part of reality and what were part of an illusion that was cast upon him.

I know it sounds like the book left us with a lot of questions, and it did, but it also cleared up a lot of things.

If I had to rate it on the “should you” read it list. If you like DragonLance and fantasy reading 7 out of 10 must read. If you are deep in DragonLance 10 for 10. Well worth the time and was an actual page turner for me. (Some of the ones in the series really weren’t but this one delivers).


DragonLance Preludes Volume 1: Darkness & Light

If you have been following along I am on a quest to read (hopefully) all of the books in the DragonLance series. Given how many there are, we shall see if I make it.

So far I have read the following books:

Dragons of Autumn Twilight Nov-84 Chronicles
Dragons of Winter Night Apr-85 Chronicles
Dragons of Spring Dawning Nov-85 Chronicles
Time of the Twins Feb-86 Legends
War of the Twins May-86 Legends
Test of the Twins Aug-86 Legends
The Magic of Krynn Mar-87 Tales I
Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes Aug-87 Tales I
Love and War Nov-87 Tales I
The Legend of Huma Mar-88 Heroes
Stormblade Aug-88 Heroes
Weasel’s Luck Dec-88 Heroes
Darkness and Light Apr-89 Preludes

Darkness & Light is the first in the Preludes trilogy. It takes place five years before the War of the Lance in the Chronicles trilogy and gives us much of the backstory we all wanted after reading those books.

This book focuses mostly on Sturm and Kitiara and their travels somewhat assisted by some Gnomes.

The Gnomes always mean well, and are super good at comic relief but they may not always get you where you want to go by the most direct route possible.

We open up with Sturm and Kitiara practicing their swordsmanship with one another. Kit is obviously the better fighter at this point. As they head out on their travels, after promising to return in 5 years (for the now famous meeting in Chronicles) things don’t go really well from the start.

They are traveling along when Sturm learns a valuable lesson. Never ever fall asleep on guard duty. Had it not been for Kit, the Sturm we all knew in Chronicles would have never made it there.

After a little fight, they get caught in a storm that interrupts their travels. They eventually meet some Gnomes that have a strange method of traveling. They have a ship, powered by lightening that happens to fly.

The only challenge is they end up losing control of the ship (go figure) and end up on Lunitari, the red moon!

I won’t go into what they find there but it does foreshadow the war to come in other books.

No shocker, they do eventually find their way back to Krynn, and at the end, we are treated to how it was that Sturm finally received his father’s armor and sword.

I really enjoyed this book, but anything with the Gnomes is always a joy for me.

DragonLance Heroes Vol 3: Weasel’s Luck

The third installment in the Heroes series of DragonLance books is called Weasel’s Luck. It is set in a time around 100 years before the Chronicles Trilogy and tells the story of Sir Bayard Brightblade.

I found this book interesting because it really dives a bit deeper into the Knights of Solamnia than we have gotten in any of the other books. It also tells a story in a time before Draconians and Raistlin, and the companions.

Like the other books in the Heroes series we got to see how things were before the war of the lance. How did we get there? Before Draconians, before Raistlin, before the giant war.

I love that it filled in some of the details we didn’t have on the Knights. It really was a great story, great fantasy novel and helped me understand more of the lore of the Knights of Solamnia and the Brightblades.

Solid read, not the best of the DragonLance books, but it did keep me and my two teenage sons turning pages.


DragonLance Heroes Volume One: The Legend of Human

While reading the first 9 DragonLance books in the world of Krynn we heard little bits and pieces about Huma. Mostly legend, no one was sure if the stories were true. Now, you can see for yourself.

Huma is human, he goes through the emotional swings everyone does. He is scared, tired, feels defeated, he isn’t sure if he is doing the right thing all the time. He isn’t sure if he can live up to the expectations of a Knight of Solamnia.

There are times he just wants to figure out how to live through the day!

In this book we also meet Magius, and Kaz a Minotaur that Huma befriends and they save one another more than once despite a long standing feud between the Knights and the minotaurs.

I really enjoyed this novel. I think Richard A. Knaak did an amazing job in filling in the blanks I had in the back story of Huma in the time before the Cataclysm.

DragonLance, The Legend of Huma is one to read! You won’t be disappointed.

DragonLance Tales Volume 2: Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes

DragonLance Tales Volume 2: Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes, is a collection of short stories and a Novella by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I want to just give a brief overview of each.

Some of these short stories are absolutely hilarious. There are one or two that greatly expand the Universe of Krynn, one that could easily become its own Trilogy, and one or two that I didn’t really care for completely.

I will give a brief overview of each story/novella, and I will keep my opinion to myself on which ones I didn’t care for that much (hopefully).

Snowsong by Nancy Varian Berberick

A younger, pre War of the Lance Tanis, Sturm, Flint and Tasslehoff are trapped on a snowy mountain. What could possibly go wrong when you have a bored Kender who might at any moment wonder off into a snowstorm and freeze to death! Ok, there is a lot more to this story than that, but it is filled with both comedy and adventure.

The Wizard’s Spectacles by Morris Simon

Glasses of true seeing, allowing anyone to read a magic scroll fall into the hands of someone who probably shouldn’t have them. It isn’t necessarily evil that he does, but he is a bit self serving and not every spell goes exactly the way he wants them to go!

The Storyteller by Barbara Siegel and Scott Siegel

A local storyteller tells a tale that a Dragon Highlord isn’t all that happy about. How do the local people who love the story teller keep him from being put to death! Especially when you have Gnomes and Kender involved.

A Shaggy Dog’s Tail

This one did not end how I thought it would. I was surprised just the twist this story of jealousy, revenge, and magic twists and turns.

Lord Toede’s Disastrous Hunt by Harold Bakst

Lord Toede goes on a hunt, and decides it will be fun to hunt a pair of Kender. You have to be careful, they are pretty sneaky, and fearless. It might or might not be all that simple despite how harmless Kender appear!

Definitions of Honor by Richard A Knaak

A young Knight of Solamnia is hired to help a town with a Minotaur problem. It turns out the problem is much different than he expected and he must question just how one defines honor, and what is and isn’t an honorable solution to the problem.

Hearth Cat and Winter Wren by Nancy  Varian Berberick

The pre-war on the Lance companions come upon a wizard who likes turning people into animals and keeping them in that state. We all know Kender have a short attention span, but what happens when you turn one into a Kender. Can you keep track of it long enough to turn it back?

Wanna Bet? by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Caramon Majere’s three sons go on adventure of their own and end up in a drinking contest with a dwarf. They don’t necessarily win that contest and end up on an adventure of their own. But let’s face it, who ever really wins a drinking contest?

Into the Heart of the Story

Written as a Gnome records the story of the contributions of the Gnomes to the War of the Lance. They have to have their chance to correct the official record as only a Gnome can.

Dagger Flight by Nick O’Donohoe

This is the story of a dagger, from the perspective of the dagger. The dagger goes through some parts of the story you know if you read the Chronicles Trilogy.

DragonLance Legends Vol 2 War of the Twins

I, like many parents, have been trying to figure out how to get my kids to spend more time doing something that doesn’t involve the words streaming, or video games. Therefore, this summer I decided to try to read some books with them.

The three kids that live around here, ok here, are 10, 12 and 13 1/2 (I’m told the 1/2 is important). I started reading DragonLance about the age of the two oldest when there were only 2 books on the market.

The two older ones are into it. The 10 year old drifts in and out. (Working on her).

But, so far we have made it through the three books in the Chronicles Trilogy, and have just finished the second in the Legends Trilogy, War of the Twins.

War of the Twins is written by the amazing writing team of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. It is the second book in the DragonLance Legends trilogy and follows the story of Caramon and Raistlin Majere, two brothers who find themselves caught in the middle of a war between two powerful nations, ok they might be kind of starting this one. In War of the Twins, the brothers must find a way to survive and save the world, and themsleves from destruction. Especially as Raistlin intends to challenge the Dark Queen herself, and take his place amongst the Gods.

This novel is an exciting and captivating read, filled with adventure, fantasy, and a compelling story. It is full of unexpected twists and turns that will keep readers on their toes. The characters are complex and well-developed, and the story is full of suspense and action.

It is at least my third time reading it since it came out in the 1980s, and it never fails to deliver.

So far our summer reading has included the books below. Yes, I now have multiple copies of each thanks to the kids reading in parallel to me!

DragonLance Chronicles Vol 2 Dragons of Winter Night

This classic novel by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman is filled with action, suspense, and a captivating story line that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

One of the main characters in this book is Raistlin Majere, a powerful mage who is determined to become the most powerful wizard in all of Krynn. Raistlin is a complex character who is both a hero and an anti-hero. He is often seen as a villain due to his ambition and ruthlessness, but he is also capable of great compassion and loyalty. Raistlin’s journey to become the most powerful wizard in Krynn is one of the main focuses of the novel and is sure to keep readers engaged.

In addition to Raistlin, the novel also features a wide range of other characters, including the heroic Tanis Half-Elven, the brave Caramon Majere, and the mysterious Kitiara Uth Matar. Each of these characters has their own unique motivations and goals, and their interactions with each other create a captivating story.

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure that will keep you hooked for hours, Dragons of Winter Night is the perfect book for you. With its complex characters, thrilling plot, and captivating story line, this novel is sure to be an unforgettable experience. So don’t wait any longer – pick up Dragons of Winter Night and start your adventure today!

This book, like Dragons of Autumn Twilight, has a little bit of art before every chapter that foreshadows something about to happen. I did my best to capture many of those.

Please, if you have not read the Chronicles Trilogy (which later grew to four books) pick it up today. Start with Dragons of Autumn Twilight, you won’t be disappointed.

Intro art to book 1

Chapter 1 White-winged ships. Hope lies across the Plains of Dust.

Chapter 2 Between mater and dragon. Dismal journey.

Chapter 3 Tarsis the beautiful

Chapter 4 Arrested! The heroes are separated. An ominous farewell.

Chapter 5 The riot. Tas disappears. Alan Starbreeze.

Chapter 6 Knights of Solamnia. Tasslehoff’s glasses of true seeing.

Chapter 7 “-not destined to meet again in this world.”

Chapter 8 Escape from Tarsis. The story of the dragon orbs.

Chapter 9 Silvanesti. Entering the dream.

Chapter 10 Waking dreams. Future visions.

Chapter 11 The dream ends. The nightmare begins.

Chapter 12 Visions shared. The death of Lorac.

Intro art to book 2

Chapter 1 The flight from Ice Wall.

Chapter 2 The White Dragon. Captured!

Chapter 3 The Speaker of the Suns. Laurana’s decision.

Chapter 4 River of the Dead. The legend of the Silver Dragon.

Chapter 5 Silvara

Chapter 6 Pursuit. A desperate plan.

Chapter 7 Dark journey.

Chapter 8 The Tomb of Huma.

Chapter 9 The Kender’s startling discovery.

Chapter 10 Silvara’s secret.

Book 3 intro art

Chapter 1 The Red Wizard and His Wonderful Illusions!

Chapter 2 The Knight’s Trials

Chapter 3 The dragon orb. Caramon’s pledge.

Chapter 4 Yuletide guests.

Chapter 5 Gnomeflingers

Chapter 6 The Council of Whitestone. An important person.

Chapter 7 An unexpected journey

Chapter 8 The Perechon. Memories of long ago.

Chapter 9 Tanis captured.

Chapter 10 The High Clerist’s Tower. The knighting.

Chapter 11 Death on the plains. Tasslehoff’s discovery.

Chapter 12 The sun rises. Darkness descends.

Chapter 13 The sun rises. Darkness descends.

Chapter 14 Dragon orb. Dragonlance.

I love these books, and the artwork is no small part of that love.


DragonLance Chronicles Vol 1 Dragons of Autumn Twilight

I previously did a post with an in depth look at the major characters from Dragons of Autumn Twilight. In this post I want to really get into the story, and world building capabilities of these authors.

DragonLance itself as a Fantasy World now has more than 200 books. This was the first, and I came across it as a teenager in a bookstore when only two books existed in the world of Krynn. At the time fantasy novels existed in a tiny little section of the bookstores and really didn’t have the grip they now have on reader’s attention. I think they offer a great escape from daily life into a land of, mostly, make believe.

It is an exciting and captivating fantasy novel? This classic novel offers an incredible blend of character and world development, making it an unforgettable read.

The story follows the adventures of a group of friends as they embark on a quest to save the world from an evil group of people leading new creatures known as Draconians and bringing evil Dragons back to Krynn to dominate the land.

The characters are incredibly well-developed, with each one having their own unique motivations and personalities. The world of Krynn is also beautifully crafted, with a rich history and culture that will draw you in and keep you engaged, but remains a page-turner while executing the story and world building.

The novel also features intense battles and thrilling action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a compelling story and unforgettable characters, Dragons of Autumn Twilight is sure to be an entertaining and satisfying read. So don’t wait any longer – pick up your copy today and get ready for an epic journey!

Dragons of Autumn Twilight can be found on Amazon or any bookstore (click the link). It is even available on audible.

It also has some fantastic artwork at the start of each chapter that does a little foreshadowing of what you are about to read. I think it really adds to the overall readability in ways, and certainly enhances the enjoyment.

I think these authors when they work together are at the top of the genre. You can argue where in the top 5 fantasy authors they belong, but they are in that top 5 of all time.

I have a lot of art from this book, I think I captured something from each chapter, and mine does have the original cover art from way back in the 1980s. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have.

I have a challenge with my kids that we are going to read all 200+ books in the series, and we will attempt to do a post about each one. So come back! There will be more.

The novel is divided into two interior books, or acts.

The intro art to book 1.

Chapter 1 Old friends meet. A rude interruption.

Chapter 2 Return to the Inn. A Shock. The oath is Broken.

Chapter 3 Knights of Solamnia. The old man’s party.

Chapter 4 The open door. Flight into darkness.

Chapter 5 Farewell to Flint. Arrow’s fly. Message in the stars.

Chapter 6 Night in a cave. Dissension. Tanis decides.

Chapter 7 The story of the staff. Strange clerics. Eerie feelings.

Chapter 8 Search for truth. Unexpected answers.

Chapter 9 Flight! The white stag.

Chapter 10 Darken wood. The dead walk. Raistlin’s magic.

Chapter 11 The Forestmaster. A peaceful interlude.

Chapter 12 Winged sleep. Smoke in the east. Dark memories.

Chapter 13 Chill dawn. Vine bridges. Dark water.

Chapter 14 Prisoners of the draconians.

Chapter 15 Escape. The well. Death on black wings.

Chapter 16 A bitter choice. The greatest gift.

Chapter 17 The Paths of the Dad. Raistlin’s new friends.

Chapter 18 Fight at the lift. Bupu’s cure for a cough.

Chapter 19 The broken city. Highball Phudge I, the Great.

Chapter 20 The Highbulp’s map. The spellbook of Fistandantilus.

Chapter 21 The sacrifice. The twice-dead city.

Chapter 22 Bupu’s gift. An ominous sight.

The intro art to Book 2

Chapter 1 Night of the dragons.

Chapter 2 The stranger. Captured!

Chapter 3 The slave caravan. A strange old magician.

Chapter 4 Rescued! Fizban’s magic.

Chapter 5 The Speaker of the Suns.

Chapter 6 Tanis and Laurana

Chapter 7 Farewell. The companion’s decision.

Chapter 8 Doubts. Ambush! A new friend.

Chapter 9 Suspicions grow. The Sla-Mori.

Chapter 10 The Royal Guard. The Chain Room.

Chapter 11 Lost. The plan. Betrayed!

Chapter 12 The parable of the gem. Traitor revealed. Tas’s dilemma.

Chapter 13 Questions. No answers. Fizban’s hat.

Chapter 14 Matafleur. The magic sword. White feathers.

Chapter 15 The Dragon Highlord. Matafleur’s children.


LadyHawke – A Must See

The 1985 classic LadyHawke is a must-see for any fan of romance and adventure! Starring Rutger Hauer, Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfeiffer, this timeless tale follows the story of two lovers who are cursed to always be together and apart. Navigating through a treacherous forest and facing off against a powerful bishop, the couple must fight to break the spell and be together again. With its thrilling action sequences, beautiful scenery, and unforgettable love story, LadyHawke is a movie that will stay with you long after the credits roll. With its incredible acting, captivating plot, and masterful direction, this is one movie that deserves to be seen and appreciated. Don’t miss out on this timeless classic – LadyHawke is a must-watch!

Ok, yes I can pick on the soundtrack as much as anyone, but it is a great fantasy adventure movie. There are six main characters I will take a shot at doing each one some justice.

Phillippe Gaston

Gaston is the key to the story. He knows how to get in and out of the stronghold that will allow Navarre to end the curse. Yes, ok, he is a thief but he is the key, and he is kind of comic relief for the movie. For fans of 4thwall breaks he has a one or two (we could do with more). In reality his 4th wall breaks are him just talking to himself but it is all in good fun.

Etienne Navarre

Navarre from LadyHawke is a classic example of a romantic hero. He is strong and brave, yet gentle and kind. He risks his life to save his beloved, Lady Hawke, from the evil Bishop of Aquila. Despite the danger, Navarre never wavers in his commitment to protect and love Lady Hawke. Navarre’s character is a reminder of the power of true love. He shows us that love can be a source of strength and courage. He teaches us that with enough devotion and determination, anything is possible. Navarre’s story is a timeless reminder of the power of love. He is a hero who will never be forgotten.


Isabeau d’Anjou

Isabeau from LadyHawk is an amazing character! She is a brave and strong heroine who isn’t afraid to take charge and stand up for herself. She has been cursed to be forever with the man she loves but not be able to actually be with him. It’s a horrible situation, but she never gives up hope and fights to regain what she truly wants.


Imperius from Ladyhawk is an interesting and complex character. He is a monk who is determined to protect and free Navarre and Isabeau from their curse and he might have caused it accidentally in the first place. Imperius is a symbol of hope and courage in a dark and troubled world. He is an inspirational figure who shows us that even in the face of adversity, we can still strive to make the world a better place.


An evil dick


The evil dick’s henchman. Let’s call him evil dick junior.


The movie is a little harder to find these days, but if you are a fantasy genre fan and see it, take the time you will like it.

DragonLance Dragons of Autumn Twilight Chapters 20, 21 & 22

Chapter 20

The Highbulp’s map.

A spellbook of Fistandantilus

As we continue the adventure at Xak Tsaroth we discover that Caramon does not trust the Gully Dwarves at all. But as Tanis points out they really don’t have a choice.

We learn a bit about Raistlin’s enthusiasm is due to the rumors that a spellbook of the nightly Fistandantilus to be kept there. He assumes the dragon will have it. This is a point of contention with Sturm, but they go along anyway.

They plot a way to fight the dragon, the party is going to split up, Raistlin will distract the dragon (could that be a suicide mission?) but then the rest of the companions will be able to raid the dragon’s lair for the Disks of Mishakal and the spellbook without fear of being killed.

Is it a suicide mission for all of them? Or can they get through this intact? They are, after all, about to invade a Dragon’s lair! Is that really the smartest thing to do?

Chapter 21

The sacrifice.

The twice dead city.

As normal Tanis has a plan. As they all get in position he suffers from a moment of self doubt. Has he planned it properly? Is he about to get all of his friends killed?

They crept into the lair assuming the dragon had gone off the deal with Raistlin only to find out the dragon was prepared for them and had Raistlin as it’s prisoner.

The dragon appears to believe the Blue Crystal Staff was stolen from it, and orders Goldmoon forward to return it!

Sturm spots the disks there in the lair amongst a giant treasure!

Goldmoon goes forward, and strikes the dragon with the staff! The staff explodes with a giant blue flash mortally wounding the dragon and making Goldmoon disappear, probably turned to ash!

The result of this explosion caused the entire underground lair to start to fall apart. The ceiling began to collapse in on the companions and it began to flood! They grabbed what they could, the disks and themselves and ran!

Chapter 22

Bupu’s gift. An ominous sight.

They all had to run out of the ruined city as it was being consumed again and filled with water. It was difficult, but they made it out alive and back to the surface.

Riverwind on the verge of ending his own life enters the temple and discovers Goldmoon! Her staff was gone but she had become a true cleric! Capable of healing through prayer and didn’t need the staff any longer.

As they evacuated the area they could hear the horns of the Draconian army on the move! Now where would they go? Off to Solace for supplies and information of course.

Of course they were exhausted and needed to rest for the night. Raistlin most of all. The mage woke before dawn to find Bupu crying, and in a very tender moment especially for the mage he tries to comfort her. Something you would never have thought from him.

He urges her to go back to her people, but before she departs she decides to give him a gift, a spellbook she had grabbed from inside the dragon’s lair. The very spellbook he had sought!

These chapters mark the end of the first of two books inside this novel. To me, this is the best setup for an epic adventure I have ever come across in the fantasy genre. It ranks up there with Tolkien in scale. Certainly it will not get the same critical acclaim or attention as Tolkien, but is that right? I think it should.

Weis and Hickman are an amazing writing team. Everything of theirs I have ever come across I have been sucked into and enjoy thoroughly. They really make me strive in my own writing to be better. Their pacing is just amazing. They make you feel what each character feels.