My Work

About Tim

I have had a rather esoteric career. Before going to University I was a soldier (way pre-gulf war on terror). I earned a PhD in Physics, have worked on everything from theoretical physics to Patriot Missiles with a lot of stops in the middle.

I turned to part time fiction writing after years of reading the stuff. I felt that there was a space that was left empty by the passing of many great authors. Much of today’s fiction falls into a young adult category, which is great, however leaves those seeking something that falls into categories outside of that realm lacking for new concepts.

Some of my fiction is experimental and really doesn’t fit in a category, while other works can be more easily categorized.

Today I work as a consultant, to some projects a CTO and yes, I still write.

My biography

Tim is a midwest guy, born in Ohio, who has lived all over the country. He has been an enlisted soldier in the army, taught at leading universities, and worked as an engineer. He has a PhD in experimental physics. All of his work experience combines to bring a unique vision to his writing.

His strives to bring a unique vision to his novels that twists in reality with visionary twists. The ultimate compliment, in his mind, was a reviewer that could not tell where reality stopped and fiction began.

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