DragonLance Chronicles Vol 1 Dragons of Autumn Twilight

I previously did a post with an in depth look at the major characters from Dragons of Autumn Twilight. In this post I want to really get into the story, and world building capabilities of these authors.

DragonLance itself as a Fantasy World now has more than 200 books. This was the first, and I came across it as a teenager in a bookstore when only two books existed in the world of Krynn. At the time fantasy novels existed in a tiny little section of the bookstores and really didn’t have the grip they now have on reader’s attention. I think they offer a great escape from daily life into a land of, mostly, make believe.

It is an exciting and captivating fantasy novel? This classic novel offers an incredible blend of character and world development, making it an unforgettable read.

The story follows the adventures of a group of friends as they embark on a quest to save the world from an evil group of people leading new creatures known as Draconians and bringing evil Dragons back to Krynn to dominate the land.

The characters are incredibly well-developed, with each one having their own unique motivations and personalities. The world of Krynn is also beautifully crafted, with a rich history and culture that will draw you in and keep you engaged, but remains a page-turner while executing the story and world building.

The novel also features intense battles and thrilling action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a compelling story and unforgettable characters, Dragons of Autumn Twilight is sure to be an entertaining and satisfying read. So don’t wait any longer – pick up your copy today and get ready for an epic journey!

Dragons of Autumn Twilight can be found on Amazon or any bookstore (click the link). It is even available on audible.

It also has some fantastic artwork at the start of each chapter that does a little foreshadowing of what you are about to read. I think it really adds to the overall readability in ways, and certainly enhances the enjoyment.

I think these authors when they work together are at the top of the genre. You can argue where in the top 5 fantasy authors they belong, but they are in that top 5 of all time.

I have a lot of art from this book, I think I captured something from each chapter, and mine does have the original cover art from way back in the 1980s. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have.

I have a challenge with my kids that we are going to read all 200+ books in the series, and we will attempt to do a post about each one. So come back! There will be more.

The novel is divided into two interior books, or acts.

The intro art to book 1.

Chapter 1 Old friends meet. A rude interruption.

Chapter 2 Return to the Inn. A Shock. The oath is Broken.

Chapter 3 Knights of Solamnia. The old man’s party.

Chapter 4 The open door. Flight into darkness.

Chapter 5 Farewell to Flint. Arrow’s fly. Message in the stars.

Chapter 6 Night in a cave. Dissension. Tanis decides.

Chapter 7 The story of the staff. Strange clerics. Eerie feelings.

Chapter 8 Search for truth. Unexpected answers.

Chapter 9 Flight! The white stag.

Chapter 10 Darken wood. The dead walk. Raistlin’s magic.

Chapter 11 The Forestmaster. A peaceful interlude.

Chapter 12 Winged sleep. Smoke in the east. Dark memories.

Chapter 13 Chill dawn. Vine bridges. Dark water.

Chapter 14 Prisoners of the draconians.

Chapter 15 Escape. The well. Death on black wings.

Chapter 16 A bitter choice. The greatest gift.

Chapter 17 The Paths of the Dad. Raistlin’s new friends.

Chapter 18 Fight at the lift. Bupu’s cure for a cough.

Chapter 19 The broken city. Highball Phudge I, the Great.

Chapter 20 The Highbulp’s map. The spellbook of Fistandantilus.

Chapter 21 The sacrifice. The twice-dead city.

Chapter 22 Bupu’s gift. An ominous sight.

The intro art to Book 2

Chapter 1 Night of the dragons.

Chapter 2 The stranger. Captured!

Chapter 3 The slave caravan. A strange old magician.

Chapter 4 Rescued! Fizban’s magic.

Chapter 5 The Speaker of the Suns.

Chapter 6 Tanis and Laurana

Chapter 7 Farewell. The companion’s decision.

Chapter 8 Doubts. Ambush! A new friend.

Chapter 9 Suspicions grow. The Sla-Mori.

Chapter 10 The Royal Guard. The Chain Room.

Chapter 11 Lost. The plan. Betrayed!

Chapter 12 The parable of the gem. Traitor revealed. Tas’s dilemma.

Chapter 13 Questions. No answers. Fizban’s hat.

Chapter 14 Matafleur. The magic sword. White feathers.

Chapter 15 The Dragon Highlord. Matafleur’s children.


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