DragonLance Heroes – Kaz the Minotaur is it worth the read?

This is the 19th book I have read in the DragonLance universe this time through the series. I am reading these again (for some titles) and for the first time with others. It is a fun thing to do as I am progressing through with my teenage boys. My 11 year old daughter has no interest and if I push she’ll reject reading all together.

Imagine: the classic hero’s tale, but told from the perspective of the grumpy, misunderstood sidekick. No, not the plucky halfling, but the towering, labyrinth-loving Minotaur! That’s Kaz, the star (well, maybe supporting star) of Richard A. Knaak’s “Kaz the Minotaur.” Get ready for a hilarious adventure filled with snorts, snorts, and… snorts (Minotaurs snort instead of chuckle, just so you know).

Kaz roams the land, not slaying dragons, but grumbling about his vegetarian diet and trying to avoid angry townsfolk with torches. He’s haunted by the tragic death of his human best friend, Huma (yes, the legendary Huma!), leaving him with a hefty load of angst and a tendency to brood in dark corners. But fear not, for humor shines through like a ray of sunshine through a bull’s-eye window.

Picture this: Kaz, with his massive horns and intimidating stature, trying to blend in at a bustling marketplace. He trips over a basket of turnips, sending them flying like shrapnel, only to be berated by a granny with more spunk than a goblin horde. Or his encounters with Delbin, a kender (think mischievous hobbit on overdrive) who collects everything that isn’t nailed down and drives Kaz up the wall (or, more accurately, the labyrinth wall) with his constant chatter.

The plot itself is a wild ride: mistaken identities, ancient prophecies, and a bumbling attempt to clear Kaz’s name for crimes he didn’t commit (except maybe accidentally eating someone’s prize pumpkin). Throw in some sassy sorceresses, grumpy dwarves, and a talking skull named Schädel (German for “skull,” because of course!), and you have a recipe for laugh-out-loud moments that will have you snorting like a… well, like a Minotaur.

Remember, this is a fantasy novel, so expect some epic battles and daring escapes. But don’t be surprised if Kaz wins the day not with brute strength, but with a witty quip or a well-placed snort that sends his enemies scrambling in confusion. So, if you’re looking for a fantasy adventure with a healthy dose of humor and a lovable, grumpy protagonist, “Kaz the Minotaur” is your Mino-ticket to fun! Just don’t blame me if you start snorting in public. You’ve been warned.

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Kaz the Minotaur