Warbots #11: Warrior Shield

America’s Elite Force of High-Tech Commando

Wage War To Restore World Peace!

21st Century Earth – A planet ravaged by superpowers waging war against each other with the most awesome arsenals in the history of mankind. But America has a strategic advantage: its new breed of high-tech warriors, forged from super military technology and the limitless power of the human mind. They’re the WARBOTS, a battle tough, laser directed attack division standing ready to protect the cause of freedom from its enemies.

The bloody invasion of the peaceful West African nation of Senegambia sent shock waves through the free world. Thousands were killed by the terrible armies of the insane military dictator Generalissimo Modibo in his ruthless attempt to seize power for his impoverished nation. And when the President of the United States demanded his complete and immediate withdrawal. Modibo responded by slaughtering scores of American nationals and imprisoning the rest. Outraged, Washington had no choice but to retaliate and ordered its awesome high-tech strike force, the Washington Greys, to restore order and bring the hostages home. Fighting tough terrain, pitted against a combined army of desperate African and foreign soldiers. Commander Curt Carson and his warbot warriors hit hard with surgical precision. In the final bloody assault, they must rescue their fellow countrymen and bring freedom to the small war-torn nation or suffer the consequences of total global war!

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me