Warbots #2: Operation Steel Band


Into a world on the brink of chaos comes a bold new breed of warrior!

Part-human, part-machine, they are the WARBOTS. America’s awesome first line of defense in a volatile future. Indestructible armored giants with computer minds inseparably linked to the brainwaves of their human masters. They bring an explosive new brand of technology warfare to the deadly battlefields of the 21st century!

With the help of a treacherous alliance of left-wing South American states, renegade U.S. Army officer Austin Drake has seized control of the island of Trinidad and its vast petroleum resources. And as Drake’s engineers begin construction on an ultra-modern space weapons launching facility, Captain Curt Carson’s Robot Infantry springs into action. Battling hostile terrain and corrosive environmental conditions, only the Warbots can halt a madman’s deadly power-play as they race against time to obliterate a terrifying threat to global security that looms on America’s doorstep.

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me