Warbots #12: Judgement Day

America’s Elite Force of High-Tech Commando Wage War To Restore World Peace! Now back in print!

21st Century Earth – A planet ravaged by superpowers waging war against each other with the most awesome arsenals in the history of mankind. But America has a strategic advantage: its new breed of high-tech warriors, forged from super military technology and the limitless power of the human mind. They’re the WARBOTS, a battle tough, laser directed attack division standing ready to protect the cause of freedom from its enemies.

The New World Order is crumbling. The dreaded totalitarian Eat World goads the West into borderland conflicts that could ignite into total war. However, technologically ill-equipped to take on America’s invincible Warbot legions, kept razor sharp for battle, the enemies of peace bide their time – until their secret sabotage is complete. High atop the Himalayan plains, a super la has developed a strategic weapon capable of rendering all Warbots useless. When American intelligence stumbles on the plan the President orders Curt Carson and his Washington Greys to destroy the fortified facility and the lethal breakthrough it has developed. Fighting sub-zero blizzards and the combined armies of China and India, the Warbot warriors scale treacherous heights to win the war for peace!

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me