Warbots #10: Guts and Glory

America’s Elite Force Of High-Tech Commandos Wage War To Save The Nation’s Future!

21st Century Earth – a planet torn by superpowers waging war against each other with the most awesome arsenals of death in the history of mankind. But America has a strategic advantage: its new breed of high-tech warriors, forges from super military technology and the limitless power of the human mind. They’re the WARBOTS, a cyborg-steeled, laser-directed attack division standing ready to protect the nation from its enemies home and abroad.

Jebel Miswar, Yemen, the primary supplier of the world’s richest iron ore to the industrial powers of the West, is seized by an army of Marxist guerrillas armed with the latest in robotic weapons from the Chinese. The world economy is thrown into chaos and global war threatens the delicate balance of peace. Only one force on earth can stop the terrorist fanatics from achieving their terrible goal – Lieutenant Colonel Curt Carson’s battle-hardened force of Warbot soldiers, the Washington Greys. Fighting bloody attacks on desert, mountain, and sea. America’s super warriors wage a lethal war against massive military odds to save the planet from total destruction.

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me