DragonLance Legends Vol 1 Time of the Twins

DragonLance Legends Volume 1: Time of the Twins is the 4th book ever published in the series, and 1st in this new trilogy, Legends.

  • Time of the Twins is a serious story, but there are also some moments of humor throughout. As an author myself humor matters, it can help to lighten the mood and make the story more enjoyable as well as relatable.
  • The characters in Time of the Twins are all very different, and each one has their own unique personality. Some are well known from the original Chronicles Trilogy, others are not. The authors weave the serious and the humorous to allow all sides of the characters to be known, and they are well developed and even the black robed mage Raistlin is highly relatable.

To me the most humorous thing about this book is that, yes it involved Time Travel which is normally a cheap way to tie up story loose ends, but not in the case. It is so well done that it is enjoyable.

Especially, and probably because the unpredictable Kender, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, accidentally gets sent back in time. What could possibly go wrong sending a Kender back in time?

Well, in order for Raistlin to be fully ready to challenge the Dark Queen, and take his place amongst the Gods he must go back in time to fill in his gaps in knowledge. He must learn things that were lost during the great Cataclysm.

It is a fantastic read, and kicks the new Trilogy off in high gear. Check it out, the book is still in print, even in eBook and audio book formats.

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I hope you enjoy the book, and join my kids and I on this amazing fantasy journey through Krynn.


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