The Mandalorian – Star Wars Epic

I need to preface this with I am old enough that I saw the first Star Wars movie in the theater with my dad. I have very fond memories of that day. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before or since theatrically speaking.

To say that the Mandalorian has captured SciFi and Star Wars fans attention is to do it a discredit. The show has captured new viewers to the genre and generated one of the most popular (non political) memes in forever. Yes, Baby Yoda.

I have been watching the show as soon as I can as the episodes come out and I like them. What I find unique about them is that unlike the movies it allows us to get really in depth into a single character. That allows us to really understand what it is like in this make-believe Universe.

Even being directed by different directors the episodes just flow and hold together well. I think that spawns from them finding people who are not just seasoned directors but they also have people who are Star Wars fans behind the scenes. That and each episode can hold up on its own, so you can drop in a casual watcher and it holds.

The action is great, the special effects are great, there is very little I could think of to improve the show.

It even remembers to bring the funny. Because what parent can’t relate to the problems Mando is having with a toddler who has Jedi powers.

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