DragonLance Tales Volume 1: The Magic of Krynn

DragonLance Tales Volume 1: The Magic of Krynn, is a collection of short stories and a Novella by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I want to just give a brief overview of each.

I will say up front, I don’t normally go in for short stories but I really enjoyed how this book filled in some blanks I had from my other reading in the DragonLance World. Krynn makes a little more sense now.


Riverwind and the Crystal Staff by Michael Williams

I liked the way that Williams used the story to explore the culture of the Plainsmen. The Plainsmen are a proud and independent people, and Williams does a good job of bringing their culture to life.


The Blood Sea Monster by Barbara Siegel and Scott Siegel

I liked the way that the Siegels used the character of Duder to explore the theme of fear. Duder is a coward, but he is also a sympathetic character. The reader can relate to his fears, and they can see how he grows as a person as he faces his fears.

A Stone’s Throw Away by Roger E. Moore

I liked the way that Moore captured Tasslehoff’s unique personality. Tasslehoff is a curious, mischievous, and lovable character, and Moore does a good job of bringing him to life.

I also liked the way that the story explored the theme of friendship. The friendship between Tasslehoff and Sturm is one of the most important things in the story, and it is a valuable reminder of the importance of friendship in our lives.

Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Light by Warren B. Smith

I loved getting to learn more about Pig Faced William. He had a minor role in a different book, and it was nice to learn more.

Love and Ale by Nick O’Donohoe

This story helped us learn a bit about Otik’s brewing process at the Inn of the Last Home, and can be used as a lesson in what not to do.

Wayward Children by Richard A. Knaak

What can I say…Draconians.

The Test of the Twins by Margaret Weis

This was an original ending to a Dragon Magazine article that was originally deemed too dark for publication, but here it is!

Harvests by Nancy Varian Berberick

Another thing that I liked about the story was the way that it showed Anya’s resilience. Anya is a strong and determined woman, and she refuses to give up, even when things seem hopeless. The story shows how Anya’s strength helps her to overcome her challenges, and it ultimately suggests that hope is a powerful force that can help us to overcome even the most difficult obstacles.

Finding the Faith by Mary Kirchoff

I liked the way that Kirchoff captured Laurana’s inner turmoil. Laurana is a complex and sympathetic character, and the reader can see how she grows and develops as the story progresses.

The Legacy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

The story ends on a hopeful note, and it suggests that grief is a journey, not a destination. This is a message that I think is especially important in today’s world.

This story is amazing, and adds to the Caramon world in large ways. If you liked the first six books, you will love this novella.

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