Lucifer – Great Entertainment

One of the tragedies of the pandemic shutdown (and this isn’t news to anyone) is the lack of production on television and movies.

They were halfway through a new season of one of my favorite (Lucifer) when everything stopped.

What is Lucifer you ask?

Well if you haven’t seen it Lucifer is now over on Netflix and the basic premise is what happens if the Devil gets bored down in hell and decides to “retire” from his eternal job.

He moves to Los Angeles, buys a night club (really nice one) hand helps the LAPD find criminals, because he kind of misses punishing people from time to time. Part time is fine but full time he’s kinda tired of.

Ok ok I get it, the premise is silly, and let’s face it a buddy cop show with the devil as a partner, how’s that gonna work.

Well it does.

Did I mention the bar he owns has lots of hot women/men is in virtually every episode and he delivers a series of one liners that are just hilarious?

For instance when looking at some suspects he sees a redhead.

His answer? “Oh how about that ginger chap, soulless bastards even give me the creeps.”

Ok it doesn’t work that well typed in a BLOG but on video…hilarious.

Add to that he gets upset when people scream out God (you know…women) and he’s forced to leave a good time because he and his dad (God) have a few issues.

If you haven’t seen it, and you have Netflix, watch the first two episodes, you won’t be sorry. Then drop me a line and tell me if you agree, disagree or if you think I am absolutely nuts.

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