Lego Hogwarts

My kids, like lots of kids, went through a “I want the big lego kit” stage. Some of those kits are impressive.

One of the ones my kids put together over the years (and still have) is Lego Hogwarts.  With 6020 pieces.

The thing has a level of detail that is amazing. This one has the main castle, some of the common areas. The astronomy tower, Dumbledore’s Office, the chamber of secrets, it comes with a whomping willow, 9 mini figures. Just impressive all around.

I think they put it together in 3 days (sadly I thought it would take longer). It was a nice build for the time, and now Lego as a company has gone bigger. Most recently with the Lego Titanic. Not sure I want to alert the kids that one exists.

I could go on describing the impact of Harry Potter over the years but I will just leave it at anything that got a generation of kids and adults to pick up a book and read…I’m a fan.


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