Editing is the “fun” part of writing

Around 7 years ago I embarked to write a fiction novel. I did.

I then wrote a few more.

But that first one was intended to be part of a series, I just never finished the second one. I have now gone back to that original story-line and written the second. I am deep into the editing phase.

Editing, if you are an aspiring writer, is where the whole thing becomes an entertaining story. The first (and seventh) draft is not where you can expect to have a nicely crafted and entertaining story. It just isn’t.

I have read enough books in my life I can tell those that spent a ton of time (with a decent editor) in the editing phase from those that different.

Wanna know the difference? I get fully engrossed in the stories that are well edited.

That isn’t to say all well edited stories are entertaining, far far from it. However, I have never found a circumstance where a poorly edited story is actually one that I want to read.

Ok, my rant hath ended, and really all I’m doing is procrastinating 😉

Thanks for reading, and I am so humbled that people have enjoyed my creations.

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