DragonLance Chronicles Vol 3 Dragons of Spring Dawning

Great end to the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy.

When I started reading DragonLance books there were only 2 books on the market. I remember as a teenager having to wait for this release, and hated the wait.

These books are fast paced, epic stories peopled with tons of great fantasy characters and creatures.

The anti-hero/hero depending on your perspective, Raistlin is exceptionally well done. These books give you exactly what you are looking for when you pick them up and are the fantasy equivalent of a popcorn flick.

I am now reading them along with my kids (13, 12, and 10).

These things are such page turners you just can’t stop once you get started. In this one, we see our heroes facing the Dark Queen as she attempts to enter the mortal plane. Can they keep her out and restore balance to the world? Will the dragons stay, or go when the war ends? Will Raistlin turn on his friends, or will he be their savior?

All questions will be answered! Pick up Dragons of Spring Dawning today!

Next up on the reading list? DragonLance Legends Volume 1 – Time of the Twins

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