Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact March 1978

I do enjoy going through old sci fi magazines. You never are sure what you will find.

Analog is a mixture of Science Fiction and Science Fact. Which makes it perfect for my inner scientist to find something to kind of just lose myself in for a bit. Usually it isn’t anything the layperson couldn’t understand so it is nice to have that higher level, lots of thought not required kind of thing to read.

In the March 1978 issue of Analog you see several interesting stories that are fiction, but to me there is one science fact article that sticks out and some of the decades old ads.

The ad that caught my attention was a “Making of Star Wars” ad that was $10 for four issues of 24 color pages of making of shots, and interviews. What would that be worth today? Haha

Second was an article on taking nuclear waste from reactors and throwing it into space. Which from a theoretical physics perspective kind of works, but what happens if it blows up on the launch pad or in the upper atmosphere. It kind of presents a problem.

But inside the article the physics is exactly right. It presents a rational explanation of reactors and discusses the challenges faced with the waste byproducts. Pretty cool stuff that not a lot of people understand but everyone claims to be an expert as to “how bad” it is.

I will keep going through my dad’s collection and see what else pops up, but this one was pretty darn cool.


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