2021 versus 2020 and the next generation

So far 2021 is starting out just as stressful as 2020, and it has the potential to be either a disaster or to bring us out of the insanity. Too early to tell which way that’s gonna go.

One thing that happened in 2020 is the impact of everything on kids. Early in the calendar year late last school year in large numbers they were thrown out of their classrooms into distance learning with mixed results. Some kids thrived academically, some kids didn’t (this was largely down economic lines).

We had a curtailment of normal kid activities from sports to birthday parties. At a time when kids are learning the social skills we curtailed those skills, and let’s face it as a nation we have forgotten civility in many ways.

In 2021 we need to do better, and yes I mean for kids, however it goes further than that. We HAVE to be an example to the next generation, we have to be civil once again without regard to political party.

We must stop the name calling, we must stop the division, most of all in 2021 we have to learn how to have fun. Fun needs to be the name of the game, we need to relax, we need to be there for people in our lives without an agenda. Help your neighbor without thought of if it will immediately benefit you.

Let’s be adults again in 2021, and let’s enjoy ourselves, but stay safe all at the same time.

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