The Story Behind my Lego X-Wing

Most everyone with kids has had that moment where they deal with Lego in one form or another. Maybe they wanted Legos and you had to say no, dealt with kits, stepped on them…Whatever. Maybe you are an adult that likes Legos (I admit, I kinda am).

But this Particular Lego Kit will always have a special place in my heart.

On my 40th Birthday my son (shown in 7th grade) was more like 4ish years old, and crazy for Legos came to me and asked if he could borrow some money to get me a present.

I was like sure, if you really want, but you don’t have to get me anything. What did you want to go get? He said..A Lego Kit.

I was like..yeah ok…for me. I asked him why a Lego kit.

His response will always hold a special place in my heart. He said: “Because I love it when we build them together.”

We still do Lego stuff together. I love that dude, and all my kids. You can’t replace those moments, and I will forever remember that day.