Warbots #9: Blood Siege

America’s Elite Forces of High-Tech Commandos Wage War to Save the Nation’s Future
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21st century Earth – a planet torn by superpowers waging war against each other with the most awesome arsenals of death in the history of mankind. But America’s had a strategic advantage: its new breed of high-tech warriors, forged from super military technology and the limitless power of the human mind. They’re the WARBOTS, a cyborg-steeled, laser-directed attack division standing ready to protect the nation from its enemies home and abroad.

A crazed futurist cult has begun the deadly countdown to launch its prototype spacecraft from a secret desert missile site, jeopardizing millions of innocent lives in nearby Las Vegas. Protected by nuclear weapons set to destroy key cities if the liftoff is interrupted and a special robot army designed to repulse any conventional military attack force, the cult complex is impregnable to the local police and state militia. With only hours to spare, the President unleashes the lethal might of Lieutenant Colonel Curt Carson’s warbot troops, the Washington Greys, into the bloody fray with but one tough objective: shutdown the takeoff before the country becomes a radioactive wasteland!

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me