Warbots #7: Operation Iron Fist

The most awesome force in military history on guard for freedom!


In the ongoing struggle for survival in a war-torn world, a new breed of super-warrior explodes onto the international battlefield. Terrible instruments of destruction born in top secret government laboratories, half-human and half-machine, they are the WARBOTS – freedom’s first and last line of defense against the world’s evil overlords of terror and death.

Russia’s centuries-old ambition to conquer lands along its southern border erupts in a savage show of force that pits a horde of Soviet-backed Turkish guerrillas against the freedom-loving Kurds in their homeland high in the Caucasus Mountains. At stake: the rich oil fields of the Middle East. Facing certain annihilation, the valiant Kurds turn to the robot infantry of Major Curt Carson’s “Ghost Forces” for help. But the brutal Turks, supported by a deadly Soviet Spetsnaz battalion, far outnumber Carson’s desperately embattled Washington Greys – and on the blood-stained slopes of historic Mount Ararat, the high tech warriors of tomorrow must face their most awesome challenge yet!

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me