Warbots #6: The Lost Battalion

From the high-tech laboratories of tomorrow springs a new breed of warrior – Half Man, Half Machine – The Warbots

Awesome armored giants with computer brains linked for instant response to their human masters, the Warbots are the deadliest instruments of devastation and destruction ever to stride the battle-scarred earth in unyielding combat against the enemies of freedom.

Major Curt Carson has his orders. He is to lead his Warbot-equipped Washington Greys in a search-and-destroy mission in the mountain jungles of Borneo. The enemy: a strongly entrenched army of Shiite Muslim guerrillas who have captured the Second Tactical Battalion, threatening them with slaughter. As allies, the Washington Greys have enlisted the mysterious Grey Lotus Battalion, a mixed-breed horde of Japanese jungle fighters. Strong, intelligent, they are still dedicated to the ancient Japanese warrior-code of bushido and their primitive jungle skills are a perfect compliment to the Washington Greys’ high tech ways of waging war.

Together with their newfound allies, the small band of high tech warriors must face swarming hoards of fanatical Shiite guerrillas in a battle that will decide the fate of Southeast Asia – and the security of the free world.

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me