Warbots #5: Operation High Dragon

High-tech warriors, half human, half machine roam the bloody battlefields of tomorrow’s war-torn world.


This is the battle: the ongoing struggle for survival in a world still ravaged and torn by warfare. And these are the soldiers: massive, armored, half-human, half-machine super warriors – The Warbots. Awesome instruments of devastation with computer brains intimately linked and instantly responsive to their human masters’ brainwaves, they are America’s first and last line of defense.

Civilization is under attack! A “virus program” has been injected into America’s polar-orbit military satellites by an unknown enemy. The only motive can be the preparation for attack against the free world. The source of “infection” is traced to a barren, storm-swept rock-pile in the southern Indian Ocean. Now, it is up to the forces of freedom to search out and destroy the enemy. With the aid of their infantry – The Warbots – The Washington Greys mount Operation High Dragon in a climactic battle for the future of the free world.

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me