Warbots #4: Sierra Madre

In the volatile 21st century, they are America’s first and last line of defense!

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Born in top-secret government laboratories, a bold new breed of super-solider explodes on the international battlefields of tomorrow! The most awesome fighting force in military history, they are the warbots!

South of the Border, a bloody power struggle rages between Mexico’s ruthless narcotics kingpins and the country’s equally corrupt junta government. in an attempt to involve the united states in the deadly conflict, Luis Sebastian “Gordo” Guerrero, Latin America’s most feared druglord and his private army launch a series of brutal raids against small, unprotected towns in the southwestern united states. Determined to avenge the first assault on America’s mainland in over a century. Major Curt Carson and his robot infantry pursue the murderous invaders into their own territory, en route to an explosive confrontation high atop Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains. With trigger happy federal troops on one side and bloodthirsty “Herreronistas” on the other, the outnumbered high-tech gladiators face their deadliest challenge – their chances appear to be near zero!!!

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from being out of print by me