Warbots #3: The Bastaard Rebellion

In the 21st century, a new breed of soldier rules the explosive fields of battle.

Now back in print!

Massive instruments of destruction with computer brains linked to the minds of their human-masters, they are the warbots – men and machines combined to create the most lethal warriors in the history of armed conflict!

In the volatile South African Republic of Omahandja, vast bloodthirsty hordes of Bastaard and Herero tribesmen have gone on a rampage of destruction and slaughter. Captain Curt Carson’s awesome Robot Infantry is dispatched as part of a multi-national peacekeeping force entrusted with rescuing the few surviving Afrikaners and foreign nationals from the besieged capital city, while preventing the recently deposed White-supremacist government from re-taking control. But when the Allies are routed, the warbots are faced with their ultimate challenge: to rescue the hostages and their would be deliverers as well, from the brutal jaws of death – as a small band of high-tech gladiators must battle an overwhelming army of stone age savages in a desolate African hellhole, the “Land that angered God!

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me