The Layman’s United States Constitution

The Constitution is the bedrock of all laws in this Nation. However, it is often misquoted, misunderstood, or largely misinterpreted (and perhaps ignored).

Timothy Imholt and Michael Garst are two veterans of the US Army from the enlisted ranks. This book was written by them in an attempt to help people understand this document and these principles.

In this book is the original Constitution. The challenge with understanding or interpreting the document is that the language is challenging. It is old and written in a way that makes it difficult to understand. After the original document is broken down article by article, section by section, a modern day language version of the document is provided. Every attempt was made to not change any meaning or have a political slant in this modernization process. The authors of this book have no political agenda. The intent is that people gain a better understanding of these passages in the way it was written.

Once the modernization of each Article, Section and Amendment is complete, a short discussion is provided in a way to be understandable by anyone and everyone who has interest in this topic. These are clearly labeled as discussion and are merely common sense interpretations or opinions of what these various things mean to us in our daily lives and how they should be applied.

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