The Diocese Dilemma

Father Franklin Santini was tired of rising crime rates, and a downward spiral of humanity. He was frustrated by people who felt the confessional could be used as a get out of Hell free card, thereby perverting scripture to justify their sinful actions.

He decided to take matters into his own hands. He decided to get a little dirty to make sure things were clean. Some people were just beyond absolution on the Earthly plane of existence and needed to meet Saint Peter at the pearly gates and see if they should be forgiven or forever cast into hell.

He chose his targets carefully, and applied the Scriptures involving enforcing the Laws of God, including the tenets of “and Eye for and Eye” into action.

He found that using the rules of his mafia family, with his own biological father being involved in organized crime, he realized that sometimes you have to do what is wrong, to do what is right. With the Laws of God being above those of man he isn’t a murderer. God doesn’t see him that way. But will the FBI?

Can the Church keep his activities covered up? Can his family help him stay out of trouble? Will his mission continue?

Father Santini finds ways to eliminate some of those sinners from the face of the Earth using Old Testament methods, and lessons learned during the Inquisition to cause enormous amounts of pain as he cleanses the Earth of rotten souls.

Forward by and rescued
from being out of print by me