Warbots Book 2 – Operation Steel Band

In this second installment of Warbots, G. Harry Stine takes us deeper into his vision of mixed robot human warfare. In all honesty, it isn’t that far off from what we see today. At the time no one would have considered it possible, but today we take some of what he showed us for granted, and we might not be surprised to see the capabilities in this book on the battlefield the next time our military has to go someplace and fight.

The mark of a great fiction writer, especially science fiction, is that he makes us think. In this book he takes us into that same battlefield, with some upgraded Warbots sporting some new Artificial Intelligence, but he brings in a new topic for us to think about. Women on the battlefield.

In Warbots book 1 we are transported into a world where robots do the fighting through telekinetic links, and a new enemy shows us that these robots are not up to the task of fighting all enemies. As a result, humans must fight side by side with their warbots in order to accomplish the mission. Because of the fact that prior to this no humans had been on the battlefield, over time women in combat units had become the norm. Robot operators are safe, they are way back behind the lines, well not anymore. Now they are side by side with the bots, including the women.

It dives deep through a page-turning adventure story into this philosophical topic. Can we tolerate women taking a round in the same way we mentally cope with it when this happens to a man.

This time there is more than one injury to the faithful robot operators who had to quickly turn back into infantry troops of old. They discover that bullets don’t care about gender, they impact everyone the same.

He shows us that the women can be as tough as the men, and in his fictional world they fight side by side and, yes, there is some concern, but the women have more than a few things to say about potentially being removed from these roles.

I hope you enjoy this installment into Warbots, I give you Warbots Book 2: Operation Steel Band.

Into a world on the brink of chaos comes a bold new breed of warrior!

Part-human, part-machine, they are the WARBOTS. America’s awesome first line of defense in a volatile future. Indestructible armored giants with computer minds inseparably linked to the brainwaves of their human masters. They bring an explosive new brand of technology warfare to the deadly battlefields of the 21st century!

With the help of a treacherous alliance of left-wing South American states, renegade U.S. Army officer Austin Drake has seized control of the island of Trinidad and its vast petroleum resources. And as Drake’s engineers begin construction on an ultra-modern space weapons launching facility, Captain Curt Carson’s Robot Infantry springs into action. Battling hostile terrain and corrosive environmental conditions, only the Warbots can halt a madman’s deadly power-play as they race against time to obliterate a terrifying threat to global security that looms on America’s doorstep.

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