NFL – Business, Politics, or What?

I, like everyone else, has heard about the NFL and players kneeling, and political arguments, and boycots, and and and, all season long. Oh, the President tweeted this, Jerry Jones is arguing over who runs the league, blah blah. Then you tune into the game, and there is political stunt after political discussion after advertising […]


Race War or Police War while we wait for Star Wars?

I try to stay informed, watch the news, read articles, and know what is going on in the world. I see a lot of arguments about “false news,” or “pay attention to this group, not that groupo because they have some kind of mental disorder,” and frankly I’m sick of it. There is a trend […]

Writing, The Book and Entertainment Business, What is Going on Around Here?

I have been on this earth for 45 years (give or take a few months).  Perhaps it is just my approaching (ok in the) middle age but I am noticing a few things about the entertainment industry. When I was a kid, and even into my later teenage years, you could go to a movie […]

Insurance Companies and the ACA Versus my Son and Autism

I was under the (insert sarcasm here) impression that when the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was passed all of our lives when dealing with health insurance would improve. I also heard that costs would go down. I heard that out of pocket expenses, which previously could have driven you into bankruptcy, would be reduced. […]

Autistics as targets…scapegoats for others part 1 of 7

As some of you know I am on the autism spectrum. I am what is known as a highly functional autistic. Do I accomplish things? Sure. Do I have many of the traits autistics have, absolutely. Do I wish I didn’t? Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say there are days…but then there are […]

Megadeth, The Symphony of Destruction explains corrupt leaders perfectly

If you have been alive in the last few years you have turned on the news and seen a story about corruption, corruption in search of power, abuse of power, or just plain abuse (involving someone in a position of you guessed it….power). For a long time it was politician a accusing politician b of […]

A World War II Lesson, and Hitler’s Rise to Power Applied to Modern American Politics

In the United States politics has evolved into this sort of blood sport with people separating themselves by party. Once put into groups there are members of those groups who follow the various party leaders almost without question. I’m convinced that some people, if their party leadership said jump off a bridge, it would be […]

The Affordable Care Act Political Football, both parties are assholes on this topic

There is no doubt that the way we pay for health insurance in this nation needed work prior to the passing of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, aka gold wrapped in candy. Now that we have had it for several years there can also be no doubt that it helped some people and destroyed […]