Gronkowski is a child, a bully, and a moron wrapped into one

Gronk…Gronk…Gronk…I have been a New England Patriots fan for a while. I moved to the Boston area about ten years ago in pursuit of the woman I love, and even though I left that area for Dallas where I now reside, I have remained a Patriots fan. I take heat for it, but I’m there […]


HEMP – A lot more useful than I thought part 1 of 5

I have been digging into a variety of industries lately for some reasons I can’t really share. One that keeps coming high up on the list (pun intended) is the HEMP industry. The stuff is so much more useful than I thought it was. Yes, it has one very specific recreational use. But it has […]

Race War or Police War while we wait for Star Wars?

I try to stay informed, watch the news, read articles, and know what is going on in the world. I see a lot of arguments about “false news,” or “pay attention to this group, not that groupo because they have some kind of mental disorder,” and frankly I’m sick of it. There is a trend […]

Are we provoking a potential Nuclear War?

North Korea, and President Trump’s interaction with them has been a constant news buzz for the last few months. The stories all seem to go like this…Trump tweeted this, North Korea says that, Trump tweeted again, let’s all discuss that tweet for a few days, North Korea’s leadership is angry blah blah blah. This newest […]

Who the hell was that German Scientist that wanted to stop Hitler

As a Scientist, I love this story. In 1939 War was looming on the German horizon. Everywhere in Europe people knew it was coming. The problem for Hitler was that the German Herrenvolk (people) really wanted to live in peace. Late in August of that year there was an American correspondent wandering around Berlin interviewing […]

Hitler had so many moles he should have not been able to start WWII

Recently I published a post about some early events in WWII that could have prevented the entire conflict. You can find them on my post titled “A World War II Lesson, and Hitler’s Rise to Power Applied to Modern American Politics.” This article is all about the number of moles in his high command and […]

A World War II Lesson, and Hitler’s Rise to Power Applied to Modern American Politics

In the United States politics has evolved into this sort of blood sport with people separating themselves by party. Once put into groups there are members of those groups who follow the various party leaders almost without question. I’m convinced that some people, if their party leadership said jump off a bridge, it would be […]

The Affordable Care Act Political Football, both parties are assholes on this topic

There is no doubt that the way we pay for health insurance in this nation needed work prior to the passing of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, aka gold wrapped in candy. Now that we have had it for several years there can also be no doubt that it helped some people and destroyed […]