Warbots Book 3 – Is this our future?

In this third installment of Warbots, G. Harry Stine takes us into a world where we have become used to humans and robots fighting side by side. It isn’t that far off from what we see today. At the time it was written no one would have considered it possible, but today we take some of what he showed us for granted, perhaps we are not to the same point he is indicating, but we can at least see it from where we are.

The mark of a great fiction writer, especially science fiction, is that he makes us think. In this book he explores topics we have, and in some ways still are exploring as a nation. These include things like women in combat, what do you do if you have people trapped in an embassy and you have to go rescue them, what happens if we can’t get to that embassy fast enough, what happens when the air force and army can’t communicate with one another.

All those things are either part of our dialog or have been. They are also things that have now happened, but in 1988 were still future events.

In Warbots book 1 we are transported into a world where robots to the fighting through telekinetic links, and a new enemy shows us that these robots are not up to the task of fighting all enemies. In book 2 we learned that humans fighting next to robots isn’t going away. Thanks to the links possible at a distance between robots and humans women in combat units became commonplace. Robot operators are safe, they are way back behind the lines, well not anymore. Now they are side by side with the bots, including the women, and we find out that the women are every bit as capable as the men.

We even see hints of what happens when the men and women in the unit have…a relationship. Can combat unit integrity be maintained under such conditions?

Some people argue yes, some say no.

I hope you enjoy this installment into Warbots, I give you Warbots Book 3: The Bastaard Rebellion.