Introduction to the Warbots Series

I first discovered the Warbots series in 1988 when there were only two books on the market. As someone who would eventually become a physicist my brain was always intrigued by topics such as this, even when presented fictionally. I thought long and hard about it the contents of the series. At the time it […]


Independent Consultant, the untold side (a short)

So I spent a few years working as an independent consultant focused primarily with younger startup companies. I have a number of people saying “wow so much per hour why would you leave that.” Either that or they said “wow startups that is always exciting.”  Well…there are a lot of reasons to do it, and […]

Concussions, the NFL, and a new book showing how the crisis has evolved, and how it can be fixed

When I first met Jay Saldi I had no idea he was once a professional football player, much less a team captain from Super Bowl XII. It was long after he left the NFL, and it was a business meeting for a marketing project on this startup company that has long since gone away. It […]