Thanks to all my readers – largest month yet

I wanted to send a thank you to everyone who frequents my page. This is the largest month on record for number of hits. It is also one of the largest months on record for book sales. I owe a thank you to everyone. I will continue to post what I think are insightful and […]


HEMP – A lot more useful than I thought part 1 of 5

I have been digging into a variety of industries lately for some reasons I can’t really share. One that keeps coming high up on the list (pun intended) is the HEMP industry. The stuff is so much more useful than I thought it was. Yes, it has one very specific recreational use. But it has […]

Intellectuals Versus Experts

This blog was written by my father before he passed away. But, it describes the exact reason this website exists.   Why Experts are Ignorant Experts and Intellectuals appear and present opinions on a large number of subjects on which they are ignorant. It is particularly tragic when their opinion serves to limit future debate […]

Sci-Fi writer nails it, stop the political division, it isn’t worth it

I have written a lot lately about political division, urging people to stop letting the elected “leadership” in this nation divide us.  A sci-fi writer whose blog I enjoy NAILED IT in a very short post. Find it right here —> Sci Fi Writer on Division versus Education Also if you can please follow The Dirty […]