Protests versus reality

In the last few weeks we have seen protests, counter protests, statements about protests, and enough anger to make Happy Gilmore seem calm.

It isn’t just about race, or the economy, or about the virus or being trapped at home. It’s about the stresses of all these at the same time.

People have lost their ability to make a living, some lost life savings as their family business folds, some have lost their lives. And what we get from politicians is confusing at best and anger directed at those they claim to represent at worst.

Now. What are we supposed to do about it?

I’d like a solution as much as anyone. For now, as we go into the weekend, I hope no one else is killed or injured. I hope cooler heads prevail.

More importantly I hope we all realize their are humans on both sides of this and humans make mistake. Now is the time to take a deep breath, find out what we want and how to get there as a peaceful nation.


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