Politicians encouraging lawbreaking? Yes…it happens

Just when I think the world of politics can’t get any weirder, I am proven wrong time and time again.

First, we have a Presidential election that, let’s be nice, and say was pretty ugly. It pushed the country apart in ways I didn’t expect.

Now we have a sitting member of Congress cheering for, yes, celebrating people for breaking the law.
CaptureYes, that’s correct a sitting member of Congress ok with, and seemingly encouraging people to break the law.
I thought laws meant things, or is it just when you feel like it? We have sanctuary cities, we have immigration laws that are a mess and, in some cases, meaningless, suspicious lending practices starting to pop back up, medical insurance companies who are trying their best not to pay claims, and politicians who routinely engage in slander. Yet we are supposed to focus on subway rates in New York City, because people outside the city care.

How about the bigger picture. The problems of the nation instead of one locality. Let’s give that a try. Oh and P.S. that is why the electoral college exists, is so that New York and LA aren’t the only parts of the nation whose needs are met.

We also have an entire generation of people who are ok with sitting online and insulting one another until that one line gets crossed and someone can claim racism (which may or may not have been present but it’s the way to end the fight.

My question to my readers, followers, and anyone else who wants to chime in, how strange is it going to get as we enter the 2020 election cycle?


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