Pokemon Psyduck

I have a confession. I was never into Pokemon as a kid. My kids however, are seriously into these creatures.

They convinced me to take them to a movie a while back (Detective Pikachu) and I have another confession, I really enjoyed it.


I enjoyed it so much I started kind of getting into Pokemon, and yes bought some cards for myself. I admit it…I’m in my 40s and I don’t want my kids to mess with my deck.

I started researching the right cards, the perfect pile to win every battle.

Psyduck was a character in the movie and I was drawn to when is this guy good for you? What is his ability and I found a lot of very boring explanations.

Basically this character appears almost useless most of the time. He walks around with an eternal headache, he complains and if you get too close to him you can’t be sure his brainwaves won’t give you a headache.

Until…he gets super stressed. Then his brainwaves basically blowup the entire region, throwing the opponent far away.

The downside after this psychic bomb? Psyduck falls asleep and he can’t remember much. The upside? His headache is gone and he’ll be friendly. All in all not a bad Pokemon for your deck…he has a purpose. In an emergency throw him down and BOOM instaduck bomb.

Gotta love me some Psyduck.

Put him in your deck, give the guy a chance because…you never know when a psychic explosion coming from a duck with a headache can come in handy.


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