Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?!?!?

With the upcoming football season upon us there are about to be a ton of articles about who will dominate, which team is going to go all the way, and how various contract negotiations are going to go all long before they happen. I want to go another way.


I want to sit back and enjoy the game. I don’t want to think about what happens next, what happens at the end of 16 weeks…I’m going to sit back and let it evolve. Go week by week with anticipation and excitement building. I’m not going to think about the Superbowl until playoff season is upon us (even if Tom Brady is coming back, we won’t refer to it as the annual Patriots end of season invitational).

I’m going to do one thing differently than I have ever done, while I am reliving the football of my youth (when I didn’t understand what contracts were). One thing I could have never done as a kid.

I’m focused on coaching staffs. Football is a team sport, driven by leaders. There are on field and off field leaders. I’m looking for the team that can become this generations version of America’s Team (Cowboys when Roger Staubach was the on field leader).

I’m looking for the coach that will lead, not the contracts, not the huge dollars. I’m looking for leaders.

From the player side I want to see who is the leader. Not the highest paid, who is going to lead. Who will go on the field and be the guy, then who will come off the field and lead publicly. As a kid I saw some of these guys as American Superstars. The embodiment of what we could be as a country (Yes, I know the military can give you that and I did serve my time in uniform, but it isn’t as much fun as football.)

In other words, I’m looking for the next Roger Staubach. The guy who we can all see as the embodiment of what America can produce due to their on field and off field leadership capabilities. When that person becomes known, we will see the dominant franchise for the next generation.


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