Leave the AR-15 alone it didn’t pick on you

The second amendment to the Constitution is one of those areas that divides Americans into a wide range of opinions. At the two extremes we have those who believe the Amendment should be repealed and all weapons of the firearm variety (beyond muskets) should be confiscated (or bought back) to the other extreme we have people who seem to believe that if you don’t own one and practice regularly you can’t possibly call yourself Patriotic or an American. US Army M4A1 Carbine isolated on a white background

In the middle are a bunch of people who roll their eyes when these two extremes start warring with one another. I am one of the eye rollers. Just an Army Veteran who worked in the defense industry who legally owns some firearms but tend to not carry them everywhere for defense.

A while back I posed an article on how this discussion is one that is just going to be difficult to solve.

The Second Amendment Argument

The two extremes are certainly not going to take a step toward one another. Those of us in the middle aren’t asked for our opinions in any substantive way, and the only thing that can be said for certainty is that the two extremes are full of people who have no idea what they are talking about.

At the center of this discussion is the AR-15.

Contrary to what some people think it does not stand for Automatic rifle. It is the ArmaLite 15. Some people love it some people hate it. Those that hate it will say that it is used in mass shootings, and that has happened, but mostly they seem to not like it because it looks like a military rifle. The people who want to carry these with them while grocery shopping like them because they look like military rifles.

There are those of us who are hunters (like myself) and Army Vets sit in another camp. I don’t understand the obsession with this rifle (pro or con). It is good for target shooting, it doesn’t recoil much, ammo isn’t too expensive, its easy to maintain. It is a decent rifle for someone to learn with, but I wouldn’t own one again (I used to and it is gone now).

There is stuff on the market much better for hunting purposes, and for defense that rifle is relatively useless. For close quarters (inside your home) its not going to swing as fast, it could go through a wall, and carrying it around in need of defense is just silly. Home defense…shotgun (pump action) way better. If nothing else loading it scares your intruder (it makes a distinctive sound). For around town, pistol something you can hide…much better.

For those that are against this rifle because “it is used in….” Do you really think if you got the AR-15 off the street there wouldn’t be another preferred rifle of the criminal intent on killing people? If you have convinced yourself of that you are just as silly as anyone I have ever met.

Leave the AR-15 alone it didn’t do anything to you, and it is a decent rifle for a beginner…But it isn’t the best thing in the world, there are better.

Just my two cents.



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