Warbots Book 4 – Sierra Madre

In this fourth installment of Warbots, G. Harry Stine takes us from his awesome introduction into his vision to the world of robotic warfare, and where it might find use.  It isn’t that far off from what we see today. At the time this book was written no one would have considered it possible, but what you read on these pages isn’t too far from today’s headlines.

The mark of a great fiction writer, especially science fiction, is that he makes us think. In this book he takes us into that same battlefield, with some upgraded Warbots sporting some new Artificial Intelligence, but he brings in a new topic for us to think about. Women on the battlefield.

In Warbots book 1 we are transported into a world where robots to the fighting through telekinetic links, and a new enemy shows us that these robots are not up to the task of fighting all enemies. As a result, humans must fight side by side with their warbots. That meant that over time women in combat units had become the norm. Robot operators are safe, they are way back behind the lines, well not anymore. Now they are side by side with the bots, including the women.

In this novel he shows us that the border between the United States and Mexico can become a very dangerous place. He shows us that left unchecked drug dealers coming across that border are large enough to declare their own defacto War against the United States and cause the border guards to become so overpowered that the military is needed. But…will they be enough to stop the flow of drugs, and the killing that is taking place in towns on the north side of the border.

Written in the late 80s this was not nearly as bad as it is today, and the question is…are we headed to the same place G. Harry Stine predicted, or can we stop the violence before it gets worse.

I hope you enjoy this installment into Warbots, I give you Warbots Book 4: Sierra Madre.



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