Lee Child, Jack Reacher, The Midnight Line

I have been working my way through the Jack Reacher books of late. It has become almost an obsession in ways to the point where my six year old asked me, “Daddy, you finished a Lee Child Book! What are you going to read next?”

lee childI said, “Lee Child has more books, so probably another one.”

Six year old, “AHHHHH, NO! WHY SO MANY!”

Well, the long and short of it is typically they are very good.

For those of you that don’t know Jack Reacher is a retired MP, a really good one who was an investigator for the military. That is a shockingly hard police job because these are guys who are trained to be killers, and trained to keep secrets. But applying those skills to the civilian sector makes him hard to beat.

He is also the ultimate drifter. He grew up on military bases all over the world, then his own career kept him moving around and when he got out he is restless and can’t stand still.

I get it, as a vet and someone who moved often as a kid I get the feeling.

But this book, while entertaining, was possibly the weakest of the Reacher stories. If you are going to start anywhere with these book start at the earlier ones, they are much better.

I know…GHASP! Lee Child works in your genre you silly author, and he sells more books than you therefore he must be better!

Yes, he is a great writer. His books are usually awesome, and I learn a lot about story structure from reading his work. I think I am a better writer because I read his stuff, but this storyline just seemed highly contrived and really more boring than most.

For me, a good mystery/action thriller requires a bad guy that is the hopeful match for our hero (whomever that hero is from James Bond to Captain Frank Banner in my book The Last World War Volume 1 (Ok shameless plug admittedly), you have to have a bad guy that seems like he might beat your hero. If you don’t have that it’s kind of like that Star Wars movie when we were all introduced to Jar Jar Binks.

That being said, enjoy all the other Lee Child books, but if you skip this one don’t feel bad. But, if you are on road trip, and its around it will fill your day.


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