Military Killer Robots

Being a veteran makes you think about certain things a little different than some people. I’m not sure it matters if you are military veteran or a first responder you see the world from a different angle.

drone-firingSure, we see the news, we hear about some injustice and the war drums start to beat the calls for invasion start (we don’t call it that anymore we say send the military).

But if you are the one that has to go, you think about it differently. Especially after your time is up. Send the military takes a different meaning. You think about it longer because you know that when you go down range someone else is there who may not like you very much.

Until now. Send in the robots….drones.

We love these things. We can send people around the world to keep the peace and never be in harms way. We can blow up a guy on a scooter in Africa or the Middle East while our guy is sitting in a chair outside Las Vegas who goes out to dinner later that day win or lose.

The only question is, philosophically should we? Is this the right thing to do. Should we turn war into a video game.

What happens when the other side uses nothing but drones. Will we get to the point where all sides of warfare are no longer human its all robots? Will it just be the side with the best tech team that wins?

Or will it go one step further.

I’m not really a philosopher but it is a question that I think about more often than I’d like to admit.


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