Concussions, the NFL, and a new book showing how the crisis has evolved, and how it can be fixed

When I first met Jay Saldi I had no idea he was once a professional football player, much less a team captain from Super Bowl XII. It was long after he left the NFL, and it was a business meeting for a marketing project on this startup company that has long since gone away.

Concusstitution Kindle flattened

It turns out Jay wasn’t just an NFL player, he was one of the guys on the Dallas Cowboys when they earned the name America’s Team, and a hell of a nice guy. He played back when the Cowboys were the team, you know the one, the one that everyone wants to beat. Roger Staubach was the Quarterback and Tom Landry was the coach.

I am now and have been for many years a scientist. My PhD is in Physics, and I spent a fair number of years working on Army projects, specifically how to prevent traumatic brain injury in soldiers.

A book on Concussions in Football seemed like the thing to do at the time.

We didn’t want to be like the laundry list of others showing up on the market. You know the ones, the books that say, “Concussions bad, ban everything.” Or the other type that is out there, “I knew concussions were bad, now let me tell you my life story down to what my nanny used to tell me about running when I was 4.”

We wanted to write one that is going to help you make up your mind about the sport. Concusstitution is that book.

In this book we give a history of the sport, we discuss how brain injuries happen (geared for the layperson), we even show how, and when injuries are most likely to occur in the sport. We went so far as to talk to former players and figure out how they avoided injuries if at all possible.

We even examined the field for potential impact to injuries.

In short, we didn’t make the book about us, we made it about Football, and how Football has evolved, as well as how your head may (or may not) suffer an injury as a result of playing.

We hope you enjoy Concusstitution, Welcome to Football!


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