Is anyone else disturbed that the 2020 election for President of the United States was somehow officially kicked off in 2018? Thanks to Elizabeth Warren and her oh so early announcement (that surprised no one).

That means that for 2 years I have to listen to “the founding father said,” and then “what I meant by that was,” and then of course “I misspoke” and on and on and on.

There will be myths created about people’s experience, there will be opportunistic statements about the contribution of one person or another. Then, of course, one side will carry around pocket Constitutions ready to pound us over the head, and the other side will pretend that document doesn’t really matter.

There will be discussion of walls, and how they are the only possible way we won’t all die in the near future. There will be discussion of the evils of cars and fossil fuels right before someone steps on a private plane to rush off and burn tons of the stuff.

I started thinking about how far back this myth thing goes and I found this book.

DSCF1069I look forward to reading some of the myths that got us all started. It is going to be a informative read.

I’m sure there will be a few posts about these myths as I go along through this one. Happy 2019, let’s not forget this year is election free (at a federal level) and feel free to live your lives without fear of whatever topic some politician seems intent to bludgeon you over the head with.


I am about to reach a milestone birthday and realize I have more to offer. So on here you will hear about my opinion (such as it is) about the things that entertain me in life. Whatever I am passionate about will show up. Never know what it is.

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