Concussions, the NFL, and the American Public

To say Football is popular in the United States is almost the same as saying oxygen is popular for those who enjoy life. It is what many of us do in the Fall. It has a long history, is has had its challenges but it is the most popular sport around in this part of the word. I freely admit I live in Texas (Dallas to be specific) and we are basically football central, but still, it is hugely popular.

Concussions have been a problem for the league. Players have suffered from them since the dawn of the game. Athletes have suffered from concussions long before football existed on this planet. Look at how long boxing has been around if you want to understand just how long that injury has been present in sports.

Many books, and at least one movie have focused on this topic. I, and my co-author, wanted to take a different approach. We didn’t want to set out to write a book to blame someone, we didn’t want to write a book that tells our life story as some of the other concussion books do, no we wanted to be different.

What we did was we wrote a book that explains the foundation of the sport. We show how it originated, where it started, how far the safety aspect of the sport has come, and yes, where there is still room for improvement.

We did our homework. We researched the sport as far back as it goes (mid 1800s), and even looked into the sports that had influence on the formation of American Football which go all the way back to the Greeks and Romans.

We then reached out to a series of former players, coaches and other notables still involved with the league at various levels. We spoke to, and have included interviews with:

  • Jim McMahon
  • Howard Richards
  • Randy White
  • Bob Ward
  • Roger Staubach

We looked at any method a concussion can occur. I think you will find this book informative, and I hope that you will find it informative enough that you can make a decision about involvement with the sport from a position of information rather than fear. A wise man once said, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Our book, Concusstitution: Welcome to Football can be found on and I hope you enjoy!

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