Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program – Fact or Fiction?

When I saw this article (linked below this paragraph), I was not as surprised as most people who follow this sort of news. A number of years ago a friend of mine and I completed a book called The Last World War: Trial By Fission, available on Amazon in eBook, print and audio book formats. It is the fictional story of what we think Iran would do should it get the nuclear weapons they desire.

Iran had secret plans to build five nuclear weapons.

The way we determined how many nuclear weapons they would desire (which was 5, exactly as the article states) was to look at their stated long term, publicly stated strategic objectives. This isn’t a Democrat/Republican thing. I don’t care which party does what with regard to international policy. This was about common sense, some military background and some thought as to how we would achieve their goals.

The answer was clear, they would need a minimum of five nuclear weapons. They would have to place those weapons very specifically. They would also need the world (and specifically) the United States to be in the middle of political chaos.

The level of chaos we put into our work of fiction was extreme, but how much would really be necessary?

Do they have those weapons already, and are merely waiting for the right time to use them?

Should the international community (not the United States unilaterally) get in the middle of it and stop them from acquiring this capability?

We aren’t the ones to answer those questions. However, if you want to know what they would do with those weapons, and what the world might look like on the other side of that attack, you have a reference point. We can pretty close on one count, I can only hope we weren’t as close on the others but I fear we were.

Last World War


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