House_of_Cards_season_6Season 6 of House of Cards is out. Its ok. It was very interesting in the first season as it was new, the style was different and the concept was fresh. It isn’t now.

The acting is ok, but the President seems to have a lot of time to just hang around doing…well nothing really. She also seems to spend a lot of time without Secret Service around.

For the record, I don’t think Presidents, or politicians in high office get ot just snap their fingers and have people killed. They don’t get to shove reporters in front of trains.

The acting, as I said, is ok. But the people tend to spend an enormous amount of time standing very still, displaying perfect posture, and reciting rolls with little to no emotion in their voice.

This used to be a show I wouldn’t miss a new season of. If you missed the final season, or don’t plan on watching you aren’t missing much.


I am about to reach a milestone birthday and realize I have more to offer. So on here you will hear about my opinion (such as it is) about the things that entertain me in life. Whatever I am passionate about will show up. Never know what it is.

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