Modern Day Politics – Nothing but Division

Modern politics circa 2018 is no longer about leadership. It is no longer about building a better place, as some politicians claim, at least not in totality. In many ways it is about insulting the other guy until he does exactly as you say.

I can offer 200 examples of politicians calling each other names, or saying “well gee they did it, so why can’t I” but a quick google search can find that.

What I am here to say is that if this nation doesn’t take a collective deep breath, and once and for all start to figure out how to get along, without the name calling, without the screaming and yelling, we are doomed.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. The Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.

Would I vote to put him on the court? I don’t know, probably not, but not because of these weird and unproven allegations. I have some disagreements with him claiming that getting into Yale is all you need to know about my reasoning. That bothered me in ways I can’t begin to explain.

What I mean is that leadership, especially leadership of a nation should be about bringing people together. We don’t have many people in Washington left that do that sort of thing. We barely have people there who will listen to people, even those they disagree with.

Let me explain this a little differently. There are two types of politicians. If you plop a politician in a room with 100 people 98 of whom agree with them and 2 who don’t the good politicians go over and start trying to convince the other 2 using reasoned discussion to come over to their side. The other kind of politician either start insulting the other 2 or ask security to have them removed.

The reason I know Beto will win in Texas is he is the second kind. Ted Cruz is the first.

The reason I know Pete Sessions will beat out Colin Allred is he listens, Colin likes to smile and wave and flip flop based on who he is talking to.

In short folks, please start to listen to each other’s opinion. If we don’t do that, how can we possibly call ourselves worthy of the role of a world leader.


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