This year, like every two years, we will vote for members of Congress to represent the various districts around the nation in Washington D.C. Some Senators (1/3) will be up, and the advertising onslaught has begun.

I saw this video of one of the men running in Texas by the name of Colin Allred. He is a Democrat running to represent the Texas 32nd District. His hope is to unseat longtime incumbent Republican Pete Sessions. In this video Colin is discussing the 2nd Amendment. It is interesting to note that at one public event he seems to be supportive of the right to keep and bear arms responsibly (no one can argue that). But at a later event Colin Allred indicates it would be better had the Amendment never been written.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video for yourself.

Now as a guy who has been watching politics most of my life thanks to my father being the guy he was I have heard of repeal, modification, and even the leave it as is crowd argue with each other for decades. I have never heard anyone be so arrogant as to say it would be better had this part never been put in there. If that had been the case would the civil war have been fought and slavery ended? If people had not been armed and able to join in the fight that War might never have been fought, we might have two Americas and Slavery may still exist (possibly).

Would we still be a British Colony? Had the colonists not been armed with the weapons of the day and able to overthrow the British Army might we still be British Subjects?

I wonder what other parts of the Constitution Colin thinks should never have been written.

Does he believe in freedom of religion, the press, peaceful assembly?

Does he believe we should be forced to offer soldiers a home?

Does he believe in the protections we all enjoy against unreasonable search and seizure?

Perhaps he isn’t a big fan of the right to a fair and speedy trial, or even a trial by jury?

Perhaps the Amendment (number 13) in which we abolished slavery is something that shouldn’t have been written?

Maybe, and we would have to ask him to see, he doesn’t believe that women should have the right to vote, perhaps that should never have been written.

What other rights or laws does Colin think should never have been written? I don’t know how to answer that but given time he may flip again and believe the 2nd Amendment is a good thing, who knows, but for the moment I think he needs to start answering some questions consistently and honestly instead of flip flopping and saying what his donors tell him to.


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